Henry Lloyd bike history

Hello Jesper, the frame you have belonged to me until couple of months back when I sold it as part of a job lot of frames along with the pale blue track frame. After 60 years of accumulating cycling stuff I have decided to actually have an extensive cull!
I purchased your frame from Chalky after Henry's shop closed in '88. He built frames in the workshop behind the shop and they were almost all built to order and mainly for club riders. He only built around 35 in total and the one you have was, as you suspected, probably built as a showpiece, but when the shop closed it became available to buy. As it was my size and I loved the fancy lugwork I had to have it, and built it up to ride. I rode it for about 12 years but then moved on to a Condor 753 and the Henry Lloyd frame has languished in the shed since then.
It had many admirers in its day and if you are able to get it restored that would be great. Unfortunately there are no decals available now but hopefully you can get them copied ? The paintwork was done at Bob Jackson, not sure if they are still going ? 861 does indeed indicate that it was the first one made in 86
Fantastic story, thanks for sharing.
I know of another three, my neighbour has one. I'll see if I can get a photo. He had Chalky cut his initials into the fork crown. Nice touch but limits your market if you want to sell it on🙂
If any of these 3 are every up for sale please let me know!
Brings back memories of Henry trying his best to teach me how to build wheels. He definitely had more patience than I had skill.
Yes memories for me too, I spent many Saturdays in the workshop during the 60s and early 70s, drinking tea and drooling over kit I couldn't afford!
Rob, I am guessing you are related to 'Nickel'?
Thanks again folks for all of the information and memories!
I am glad that I found this frame and also renewed some interest in your local cycling lore/history.

At this point with the knowledge I have gleaned, I plan to conservatively restore keeping original livery, but getting areas of rust professionally repainted.

On this side of the pond it will certainly continue to receive praise and inquiry.