Help and Advice please - drilled rear stays found

I'm not quite as sure TBH, I do agree it's something that was there that now is gone, but to my untrained eye it looks almost as if it/they were ripped from the stays and JB weld gooped in the resultant holes.

Looking closer, it does seem possible there are in fact no holes but only way to know would be to carefully dig out the filler. If it were me, I'd probably return it unless it's something super rare you're not likely to find/afford again.

Then again, if it IS structural they'd only pass it off on someone else so I'd be tempted to go down @klunkrider 's suggestion of carefully filing down & if any holes appear then go from there (scrap it or have repaired).

You said you didn't want a huge debate on it, and here's me giving you my internal dialogue's own rambling crap lol sorry.
Hi - no don't worry at all - I'd rather have the advice on here to be honest. That's interesting as there is what looks to be something filling something like a kind of grey filler as the application of it is not the best. Its a Harry Hall Magny frame so I was pleased when I picked it up but I wanted to do some light touring with it so it's wether it would give way on a ride or not. Hmmm 🤔 not sure what to do now. Maybe I need a closer look. Thanks
Sorry I know it's not an MTB but it's the frame advice which is really helpful. I wonder if these models (would it be early 80s) did have braze on rear stay rack mounts on. That would be a good start then I could see what the damage is if the holes have been filled. Thanks.
I 1000010955.png
I managed to find a pic of a similar bike and you can see an attachment for the rear rack coming from the rear stay of the bicycle. Could this be what has disappeared to this HH and is it worth the repair ?? Thanks folks. Appreciate the advice. Feel a bit gutted. 👍
Dammit, not so good then. I'd say (presuming you keep the bike) you'll know more on how much work to fix after you file away the proud sections & filler. Could be as simple as cleaning up and painting, or having new tabs brazed in. Fingers crossed dude
Thanks for your advice folks. I returned the bicycle. No problem at all. And ended up buying a nice Reynolds 531 with Simplex running gear. I've never used or seen much of this but it's a lovely design and is running well on first few rides. It's a (61cm frame) which I've added some bits to to get me back to a light tourer. Thanks. I'll be on the lookout for some brown/gum break lever hoods if anyone has any lying around. 1000011002.jpg