FAT CHANCE TITANIUM 1993 Fully Blinged out m/l

To those that quite rightly in these times say £3-5K is too much money for a bike, thats one way of looking at it. To me life is about experiences, especially spent with your family or mates. One day your health will start to fail and you will probably regret not doing things on your bucket list when you had the chance to enjoy them properly. You wont care that you saved up that £5k

Like many teen boys, I had the poster on the wall and always wanted a Countach. With prices getting close to £1M or more now, its unlikely I will ever be able to afford a retro supercar but most people can save up £3-5k for the retro bike equivalent. I have hired supercars and ridden imo the best bicycles ever made. The bicycles give me more joy and funnily enough these blinged up Ti FATs get an insane amount of attention too 🤣


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