For Sale Dura ace 7410 one inch threaded headset Italian/BSC thread NOT JIS NOS /NIP £90,00 posted. in UK .

Hi Stuart
Got the DA headset, super fast, thanks.
I noticed that on the box, the Shimano typeface says that it’s English, but there’s “ita” hand written next to it.
I just thought I’d check - before I go cross-threading aluminium, are you 100% sure it’s Italian thread?
Hi Niel ,
I hope I am spelling your first name correctly . There is a place in Belgium called Niel I did a road race there in 1994 . It is my understanding that the English and Italian threadings are the same the Italian being a copy of the English just in metric sizing so the direct equivalent of each other . If the Headset was Japanese Industry standard it would not fit .
I have just been to my shed with the threaded top race of a Dura ace 7410 headset that came off an Italian frame . I have tried it on a pair of Nottingham made Raleigh forks and a pair of Tommasini Italian forks and it screws on fine with both of them.
If I were assembling an headset on a new frame I would make sure the top /bottom of the frames head tube are faced off square with a workshop tool . Also the fork crown race on the top of the fork crown was cut to the correct diameter with a workshop tool . Finally a Die ran down the threaded section of the fork steerer tube to make sure the threads are clean .
On an old frame you are banking on all these procedures all ready being done . So if you have the old headset top race that has come of the frame that you are going to put. the new 7410 headset on , just make sure it runs freely down the threads ,if it does gently try the new one .
If you are installing the headset at home it is a lot harder without the correct workshop tools but it can be done . Sorry for being long winded I hope this helps cheers Stuart .
Hi Stuart

Thanks very much for such a detailed reply

It’s an Italian frame from the 80’s, and I have (most of) the workshop tools required - I’m sure it will be fine

And yes, my name is spelled back to front. No idea why!

Kind regards