Sold Cheap Wheelset: XT M750 hubs on Vuelta Airline rims


Retro Guru
973AE9C8-8763-4D9A-A42B-BE0573EC2B7C.jpeg£40 UK mainland posted.
Tidy 26” wheelset. Shimano XT M750 hubs 36H 100/135mm. 8/9sp Shimano freehub. Vuelta Airline rims (19mm internal width). Straight gauge stainless spokes. Hubs run smoothly and rims are straight and true. Not sure about spoke tension. Rims have some visible wear on brake track, which I have tried to show, but lots of life left. Some chips to black on rims, decals fairly tidy. Original skewers included.EDCB2B75-62EF-408D-93B6-BA5C3E062B58.jpeg5D8FA403-9931-491D-BF2C-7A8952E337D2.jpeg1FBEED8A-F4BC-4F6E-87CA-D51F8F5B786A.jpeg43185E7C-B135-4C27-9033-4106946A1EB1.jpeg56715B5B-1ED9-4756-8D79-A6CC9E4BB68E.jpeg22A811EC-0E3A-418C-ABBC-400C212F952A.jpegCB6FB5EC-C0FB-46AC-BCA9-793396DAA144.jpeg28E397C7-B549-4EC3-AD07-ABCE460DFEE3.jpeg2E82360E-B8EE-4CA7-99CA-2EC9ACF32D4E.jpeg