Brake pads and hardware for Grafton SC


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What pads and hardware are we using for Grafton Speed Controllers nowadays?
I have a couple pairs sets up with badly worn kool stop pads but I want to get the pads closer to the rim so am also looking for hardware

And one set missing the brake pad hardware completely

For the L bend version
I’ve got spare parts but I’d like to sell the 2 sets of black brakes complete ideally. Migh spare some bits though if I know exactly what you want.
I’m using Mathauser superpads with my L-bracket graftons

Migh spare some bits though if I know exactly what you want.

If you have any spare bushes (the plastic washer things that go between the alloy parts), I’d be interested!
I just bought a set of Graftons. They will arrive in some days but I fear some parts are missing. O-rings and micro shims are not the problem. But I do fear one or two of the lip seals could be missing…
Where do I get these??? I think that’s the small plastic rings in the plastic bags on the Foto…
Any help is welcome 🙏🙏🙏
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The little plastic or rubber shims that go between the spring cover and the brake arm and on the other side between the brake arm and the cover…


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