Alt bar opinions?


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Anyone tried out an 'alt bar' setup? I hate the name, but the idea of having a more on-the-hoods position for climbing seems like a good idea (obviously down to personal prefs)

Just curious if anyone on here had tried them out. I've seen lots of marketing bs recently but never seen any in the wild


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I got an Oddity Razorbar. Handlebars are expensive these days, wasn't that much more for custom. Could be great for loaded touring in extreme terrain. Me, I just think it looks cool. Illustration 3.

I ran Jones Bars for a long time on my singlespeed, I generally like the "wheelbarrow" hand position better than the "chickenwing mountain bike handlebar" position (no offense) -- among other things I felt my "suspension" worked better with em and found it easy to weight or unweight the front end as required.

Have recently had a thing for MX-style handlebars (with Oddity's "Oddmone" being the prettiest I think) before I realized I could buy, you know, actual MX bars for cheap on craigslist. I dig em (even got em a front brake eventually). Illustration 1.

I don't know if you consider North Road bars as "alt bars" but Nitto Bosco is as close as it comes to a plug and play solution for 90's mtb frames. Two decent hand positions, as with Jones with the same advantages. Someplace to grab hold of if for some reason you want to get all aero, or room to mount a bag, which is more civilised. Rise and reach are perfect for those frames (and their ridiculously long stems) Illustration 2..

My wrists just aren't built for 9 degrees of sweep, 18 feels about right to me (hence the custom bars) and the MX bars are close enough. As for street bars, I think I like straight back more than the Jones 45 degree sweep. Feels more like street handlebars "should," ya know? Coming up with drops and all.


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I really like the look of the wide bars on your Columbus tubed bike. I saw a Topanga on another forum recently with a similar bar, but they'd added bar ends in the middle for an alternative position. The inner section and ends are wrapped in bar tape, so there's some aero options available too. I don't approve of the flex stem, but I enjoy a cockpit that is layed out for functionality and comfort 267091-20240524-101109.jpg
^i like those inner bar ends, thing about putting some on-one nubs in the same spot. Wifey is running sql inners on her flat bar and loves em
those wide bars look great 👍 that's a decent idea with the bar ends @DrDaveTampa - I might give that a go first to see if I get on with it (and save forking out on some expensive bars 😅)
I really like my On-One OG V1 on my Unit SS. I was dubious before but proved wrong. about the right width, great backsweep and very comfortable due to a bit of flex.

above the OG the Ritchey Kyote (cut back to 740mm since the pic was taken), which I use on my 'gravel' bike. seems a bit less comfy as a result of more rigidity (although it might be caused only by the narrower tyre)


re bar-ends: I haven't missed them for the past cc. 20yrs, when I dismounted the last pair.

edit - I forgot to mention that I tried the Jones-alike Geoff, but it felt harsh (and the 'loop' useless), so I sold it shortly afterwards.

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