700 x 38 gravel/tour tyre recommendations

Dont remember, but they are the blackwall comp version. Went for the cheaper version as it was really a test try. But they have never come off....very good.
Another vote for gravel kings, run them on my Cross Check and never left me wanting for anything more or less. Puncture resistence is pretty decent as well.
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Gravelking SK is worth a shout. I’ve worn through 2 pairs and about to buy a third as I like them (mine are 43c but my mrs has the 38c ones and they feel the same )
This. I've run 38mm gravel kings on my Miyata triplecross gravel bike and my Miyata 1000 touring bike. I now have them on my wife's Liv Avail sport bike for gravel riding and bought a new pair of 42mm ones for my carbon gravel bike. Roll well on pavement, confident in the corners and good grip in dry conditions. If you are going to ride muddy trails then I'd consider something with more tread like a Bruce Gordon Rock'n Road. Although I think those only come in 42mm widths.