1993 Lava Dome Pudsey

Picked it up this evening. It's a nice, honest, one owner from new bike. Rear mech has been replaced at some point and it's lost the rubber bung for the stem.

Brakes must have been upgraded to deore lx too, they look a bit newer.

Still got period smoke/Darts and the bontrager bcx rims.

Paint and decals are in pretty good nick, a few rusty spots but nothing serious. Stem and seat post move freely, so all good so far.

I'll give it a good clean up and figure out what to do with, I'm pretty sure it will be too small to use as a commuter, so still on the lookout for something a bit bigger and ideally with a 1" steerer

Looks really good you've got a great project there, looks like a XT rear mech. Before jumping the gun get out on it, you'll not be disappointed with it, if your going commuter get some slicks on and you might get a surprise how good it is doing that job 👌
If you need something a tad bigger with 1" steerer. I've got a 93 Fire Mountain in what I reckon is the next size up from that.
Were 93's still measure from the top of b/b shell hence making that one in the pic not actually a 19"?
thrown a build thread up here, don't expect rapid updates.