Sold 1991 Kona Lava Dome


Dirt Disciple
Hi, for sale is a 1991 Kona Lava Dome. It was bought a few years ago with a view to do up but not getting round to it. I have the original quill stem in a box. It wont have the SPD's I'll keep those. It needs a bit of a tune up but still going strong. Previous owner had tried to put V brakes on it.


Bike is Edinburgh based so would prefer to have local collection but message if desperate for courier. no idea how much that would cost though.
IMG_4794.jpeg IMG_4795.jpeg IMG_4796.jpeg

Yeah, sorry that would help. It must be a large. I am 6 foot tall and fits great.

EDIT - measured its 18 inches BB to centre of TT, 21 to very top of the seat post if that helps anyone.
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