1980 Witcomb restoration


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I've had this Witcomb for 8 years or so, having bought the frame from @vcballbat
My son rode it at 13 for a family tour down the Rhine in 2016, again at 16 for a tour in France in 2019, and I used it in Spain for a tour in 2022


But it was at that stage when it looked merely scruffy rather than had attractive patina.

So Gary at GA Cycles in Southampton took it in hand for restoration. Firstly removing two dents (one acquired on the flight back from Spain in 2022) and fixing the mangled seatpost clamp.

It was also an opportunity to add a second set of bottle bosses and true it all up.

I've just collected it today, Gary got C&G Finishers in Liverpool to do the paintwork, with decals by H.Lloyd.
I chose the colours as a nod to the old Witcomb racing colours which were Black and Lilac - but not trying to go too replica as the bike will get back its 1999 Campag Record mixed groupset.


I am totally blown away by the standard of finish and how it's come out!
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Great to see the Witcomb is still going strong, sounds like you've had some great adventures. Loving the new paint and looking forward to seeing it built up in it's new incarnation. Any pictures of the seat lug clamp before and after 👍
Correct, that's the one. Really good shop, heaps of expertise both old and modern. They also have a small machine shop so can do all kinds of engineering fixes beyond a typical bike workshop.