1976 Schwinn Suburban


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Some will have heard me talk about the dump at my second residence in Blaine Washington State, a trailer park in Birch Bay USA. Recent changes in park management have resulted in much less old bikes turning up unfortunately. Luckily I have pulled quite a few great old bikes out of the dumpster in recent years though.

This 1976 Schwinn Suburban is one of my favorites. Below the first picture shows the state it was in the day it was pulled out back in 2017. I spent many hours on the restoration and it’s gone through a couple different saddles. The current sprung Brooks Champion Flyer is the first Brooks saddle I have owned, needless to say I love it.

This old Schwinn is one of the best riding bikes I have ever ridden. It’s a bit of a tank weighing in around 40lbs but that doesn’t seem to have a negative affect on how it rides. It helps that the bike lives at my trailer and does not ever see any hill climbing, if a Cadillac was a bike I think this is how it would ride :cool:

1976 Scwinn Suburban 01.JPG
1976 Scwinn Suburban 03.JPG
022 - 1976 Scwinn Suburban 30.JPG
Did you repaint it? Feel free to post it here it will fit right in.
WOW! That is a stunner. That looks like it'll be gorgeous to ride. A two wheeled Cadillac indeed! :cool: :cool: :cool:

We have to thank the (bike) Lord there are people stupid enough to throw this bike out so someone like yourself can be rewarded. So many bikes see an early grave, but this one has been rescued and loved again. 💪😍