Wanted 16" Kona frame (92-95)


Retro Guru
My 18" 1993 Cinder Cone is too big for me so I'm looking for a 16" to replace it. Not too fussed on the year or model. Anything going?
Is sizing C-C or C-Top? I have a ?1997 Cinder Cone I;m selling. 19" C-T or 16.5 C-C. In Bristol. Let me know if you want more details. Cheers
Sizing is centre to top, so yours is sadly too big for me too... but I have just bought a 15.5" Marin so I'm happy about that
I could be... what condition and price? And is it frame only or frame and fork? Feel free to PM me. Thanks 👍
Frame, forks, control center h/s, velocity stem. Good condition for a 30 year old frame but a few scuffs and scrapes. As for price I had it for sale with other Kona frames a while ago, they went as they were cheap but I did put an "I don't really want to sell" price on this of £175 if I remember correctly! Offers can be considered.
16" 1998 Fire Mountain. £60 frame & forks, Original Kona seatpost & stem and 113mm UN52 bottom bracket, original seatclamp.
Was my wife's bike from new, powdercoated cream about 10 years ago.


Located New Forest.