1. A

    For Sale 26" Tioga Tyres Factory DH R and White Tiger

    One Factory DH 2.3 R 26" One White Tiger 26" Both well used but in surprisingly good condition, I suppose because the rubber compounds were so hard back then! £15 each.
  2. obi-wan-mtb

    Sold NOS Tioga Titanium Cassette 8 speed 12-32

    NEW 8 speed cassette from Tioga 12-32 with silver alu spacers Full titanium 235 euro Registered Track&Trace shipping from NL 13 euro (I can add insurance for 7 euro)
  3. GTRetroTechShop

    Wanted TIOGA Farmer Johns tyres 26"

    Hey all! Looking for a nice set of Farmer Johns. Please give me a shout if you can help sourcing any. Cheers :)
  4. joglo

    Tioga 1993

    just noticed that the 1993 Tioga brochure is here also missing
  5. Synthiaks

    Tioga 1989

  6. valleyman

    Sold KHS Montana Team Frameset True Temper Tubes from 1992

    KHS Montana Team 1992 frameset in original paint, True Temper steel tubes, slightly used in very good conditions (please see pics), frame is intact, no dings, absolutely no rust, some chips and scratches, from 1992. It comes with its original fork and Tioga headset. 300 Euros SOLD Size is 17"...
  7. br0qn

    Withdrawn Tioga Revolver Crankset / BB / Extras 175mm

    I was collecting Tioga bits for a project but I've pivoted. There are 2 I know of currently listed, one incomplete for silly money considering and one set comparable to this one for ludicrous money. This set is near NOS, mounted once but not ridden and complete minus the Tioga branded...
  8. rubon87

    Sold Tyres nos (Michelin, IRC, Vetta)

  9. H

    Wanted Tioga // FIR Ceramic // Turbo Lady // Shifter XTR SL M951 // Plastic Cover M900

    Hi, I am looking for: Tioga T-Bone Superlite (shorter is better) Tioga Titanium Expander Bolt Tioga DL 2001 seatpost 27,0mm Tioga Avenger / Master DSL / DL head set FIR M122 Ceramic Shimano Shifter XTR SL M 951 right (and possibly left) Plastic ring cover of the mounting screw of Shimano XTR...
  10. GeneralOsik

    1991 Trek 990

    I bought this bike almost exactly 3 years ago, for only $15, at my regular thrift store. Here is the bike right before purchase, at the check out counter. Here it is after I got it home. It was filthy, well used, and had some parts upgraded at some point. I immediately noticed the different...
  11. Wobblyfish

    Claud Butler Miura - bang average, but still resplendent with its Psycho boots on.

    Well it won't excite that many folk, as 'dripping with oddles of Shimano Altus' is rarely a grand opening gambit. Neither are the Kalin bar ends made from recycled Fray Bentos pie tins. Nor is the Reynolds CrMo sticker going get many salivating. Also, I'm sure like myself, rapidly approaching...
  12. F

    '94 Raleigh USA MT700 RSI inspection

    Dear RBers, Please find in the following posts the inspection of my 100% original condition (including the tyres!) '94 Raleigh USA John Tomac Design Series MT700 RSI MTB. As usual, since English is not my mother tongue, feel free to correct my sentences, spelling, grammar, etc. Thanks...
  13. synlos

    For Sale Tires (WTB)

    Hi Addicts. ;) Up for sale are old but good tires. As i'm riding only on new ones, these can go. - 1 pair WTB Exi-Wolfs, black, foldable, VGC - > 60€ Photos: https://fotos.mtb-news.de/s/95701 Thanks, Tom
  14. kingoffootball

    1993 GT Corrado > Richter 8.0 - Tioga build

    I finally got my Tioga-hubbed wheel built for this build then realised I still hadn't started a thread for it, so here goes: The hub was kindly karma'd to me by Bart (stumpjumper1990). The slight difficulty with these hubs is that they take 15G straight-pull spokes. After a fair bit of...