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  1. Fudd

    WTB: Thomson 27.2 Post

    Straight, black and in vgc. Send me a pm if you've got one for sale.
  2. Fudd

    Santa Cruz Heckler Frame SOLD

    Size small so 15" c-c, 17"c-t and 20.5" top tube c-c. Serial starts with 97 so I guess that's the year. V brake only, no disc mounts. X Fusion shock was supposedly new when I bought the frame around 3 years ago and hasn't required topping up in that time. Used only a handful of times in my...
  3. Fudd

    V Brake 100-120mm forks...

    So I'm after the above from around 1999-2003ish but not sure what the options are. I've seen Fox RLC with adjustable travel which would be 2004 at least so what else is out there. I'm guessing Marzocchi were one of the best at the time but it's a brand I'm unfamiliar with and have no idea what's...
  4. Fudd

    Mavic Crossmax Gen1 SOLD

    The original Mavic Crossmax in great condition. There is one chip in the ceramic coating and that's it. No peeling stickers, no cracks around the eyelets and buttery smooth bearings. There can't be many left in this condition and I'd love to keep them for a future build but I really don't need...
  5. Fudd

    M900 XTR Chainset SOLD

    Not mint but perfect for a rider. There was zero stretch on the original chain on the bike these came off so there must be minimal wear to the rings. Threads and tapers are perfect. 175 arms and 26, 36 and 46t rings. The BB is a UN51 so not XTR but it's smooth and will get you rolling until...
  6. Fudd

    Purple Rims

    One pair of purple rims in 36h flavour. I've no idea what brand they are but they came off a Diamond Back so my guess is Avenir which were made by Sun for DB I believe. Pretty light at 425g each on my kitchen scales and the braking surfaces have very little wear. No marks or dings and the 3dv is...
  7. Fudd

    Shimano XT M737/9 bits SOLD

    The wifes bike got an upgrade so I have the following for sale - Shimano XT M737 chainset in great condition with very little rub on the arms. All threads and tapers are perfect. Standard 32 and 42 Shimano rings with a Middleburn 24t inner. £60 SOLD including UK postage. XT M737...
  8. Fudd

    XTR M900 Cassette SOLD

    XTR M900 11-32 cassette in great condition. Very little wear to the teeth and it takes a new chain no problem. £45 SOLD posted in the UK.
  9. Fudd

    RS Judy Canti Brace

    As per title, I need a new brace to allow me to run canti's. Any colour considered.
  10. Fudd

    Fake Merlin Them drop outs look very Sandvik to me. DBR Axis maybe?
  11. Fudd

    SOLD RaceFace Headset and Syncros Cattleprod

    SOLD Early RF headset in 1 1/8" flavour. Replaceable cartridge bearings are smooth and the ano is unfaded. No top cap but the original instructions are included. £50 SOLD posted in the UK, +£5 for international. SOLD Syncros Cattleprod stem, 1 1/8", zero rise and 110mm long. Nice...
  12. Fudd

    Help Identifying This Titanium Stem

    So I call on the fountain of knowledge that is the Retrobike forum to identify this stem that I recently picked up - As you can see from the last picture it has a quite unique clamp design where the clamp is internally welded to the headtube part of the stem, rather than the usual...
  13. Fudd

    Rockshox SID 1st Gen With Extras SOLD

    I making a few changes and offering these RS SID's for sale. These are the first gen model without the disc mounts and first appeared in late 96. They were sold to me as freshly serviced and I have no reason to doubt it as they haven't lost any air in the two odd years I've had them. They were...
  14. Fudd

    Gil_M / Retrodecals and something a little different...

    So as most of us already know, Gil_m is the go-to guy here for all our decal needs when restoring an old frame. I've used him in the past and his service and quality is top notch. A few on here might also know that my other retro passion apart from MTB's is old wrist watches and the...
  15. Fudd

    Hope Titanium BB SOLD

    Usual rules here, post interest in the thread followed by a pm and payment by PP gift or add 5% for the fees. Up for sale is a Hope titanium BB with a 117mm spindle and nice smooth bearings. It will fit both 68 and 73mm shells; use the lock rings on a 68mm shell and go without on a 73mm. The...
  16. Fudd

    Middleburn RS3 with Pace rings SOLD

    Usual rules here, post interest in the thread followed by a pm and payment by PP gift or add 5% for the fees. Up for your consideration is a very nice set of RS3's with 175mm arms and 94bcd spider. All threads and tapers are perfect and there is almost zero heel rub on the arms, the only real...
  17. Fudd

    9:Zero:7 Fatbike

    Purchased new by me from in Alaska at a cost of close to £2.5k and continuously upgraded in the 3 1/2 years I've owned it. I've used it in rotation with my other bikes and its not seen a great deal of use (hence the sale) so its in excellent condition bar a few light heel scuffs on...
  18. Fudd

    Pace RC41 Forks

    Pace RC41's in great condition. 1 1/8" steerer 183m long. Air sprung and oil damped with 130mm of travel and one of the lightest forks of this type at 1580g on my kitchen scales. I think they date to around 2007 and just before Pace sold the patents and tooling to DT Swiss. I had these serviced...
  19. Fudd

    Shimano XTR M960 Cassette

    All prices include UK postage, pm me for an overseas quote. Paypal gift or buyer covers the fees. M960 Cassette 11-32. Nice condition with minimal wear to the teeth and super light. £50. Sold: M960 Rear mech. VGC with minimal scuffing. £35. M960 V brakes. Excellent condition with plenty...
  20. Fudd

    Law Moto X Pedals

    Law Moto X Pedals in vgc. Minimal scratches and the bearings are nice and smooth. The RRP on these is £99, yours for £30 posted in the UK, paypal gift or buyer covers the fees.