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  1. Dami

    Dami’s 1991 Marin Bear Valley

    Re: Dami's 1991 Marin Bear Valley brought back to life from a neglected frameset. Short build thread here: ... p;t=403477
  2. Dami

    Schwinn Straight 6 -97

    Hi, Again time to continue one of the projects I've held waiting in the garage. It's a 1997 Schwinn Straight 6 with the bassboat blue paint theme. Most of these that I've seen have the red/gold theme so I don't know if they made fewer of these blue ones, or if the blue ones have just cracked...
  3. Dami

    Santa Cruz Heckler -98

    Hello, This time I got to work on a project that was my friend's old DH competition frame from the late 90's. I always loved the early Santa Cruz frames back then, but just couldn't afford them at all. This project also gave me some responsibility as my friend had a huge nostalgic connection to...
  4. Dami

    Cannondale Super V 4000 DH -97

    Hi! As everyone here knows, back in the days we all had our realistic dream bikes, and then there were the bikes we had in our posters. Cannondale Super V 4000 DH was The Poster Bike for me when I first saw it in Mountain Bike Guide magazine 1996. Had my hopes high for it, but when the -97...
  5. Dami

    Marin Bear Valley -91

    Hi! I guess I'm not the only one who has always liked those 1991 Marins with the neon fade paintworks. I already have a -91 Palisades Trail restored and when I saw this neglected Bear Valley frameset on sale I just knew I had to try and save it. I understand that stickers were a big deal in...
  6. Dami

    Marin Bear Valley 1991 - Tape over serial number

    Hi! Has anyone ran into a similar case? I acquired a bear valley frameset and while cleaning and refreshening the paint surface I ran into this. There was a tape under the paint surface on the serial number. When I took the tape off, there was the serial number (M40IA0576) which is equivalent...
  7. Dami

    GT Lightning -97 project with anodized graphics

    Hi! Most of my projects include finding some cheap and crappy individuals with some potential and bringing them back to life as well as I can. This though is something totally different! I ran into this beat up Lightning frame here in Finland and got it with a good price. Due to the marks and...
  8. Dami

    Marin Palisades Trail 1991

    Hello! This individual I found from it's original owner who had it for 27 years before parting with it for about 50£. It had been a regular driver, but during the summer I went through pretty much everything, polished all the bits and replaced the basic wear-and-tear parts. The paint itself was...
  9. Dami

    Foes Fly 2003

    Hi! I remember reading an article about the Fly in a local bike magazine back in 2003, and I thought to myself that this is one sick looking machine! I also remember the price tag for the test bike then which was about 7000€ so that kind of killed the dreams for a while.. :lol: Couple of...
  10. Dami

    Single IRC Kujo DH tire or tires

    Hi, A single and non-smoking IRC Kujo DH 2.35” tire with great sense of humour and blushing red sidewalls is looking for a lifelong companion on a similar good conditioned Kujo. Thanks! -Turkka
  11. Dami

    Help recognizing a Minerva frame

    Hi! My friend acquired this old Minerva bike equipped with some quality components like XTR M900 etc. Would someone have any information on this frame? It looks very interesting with the details and weights about 1700g with the bb and headset. Don’t even know the material except that it’s...
  12. Dami

    Coda (Magic Motorcycle) M900 cranks and BB

    Hi! I’m looking for Coda Magic M900 cranks with the MTB spider and the whole BB entity. Thanks!
  13. Dami

    Help recognizing gray XTR cable sets

    Hi! Yesterday I visited a bike shop in a city close by because I needed some small parts quickly for a small resto done to my friend's bike. So I started chatting with the guys there and told I'm into restoring 90's MTB's and I would need a basic SIS cable set among others. They were out of...
  14. Dami

    Freehub body for Shimano Dura-Ace 7801 hub

    Hi! Looking this for a friend. My assumption is that it’s a Dura-Ace WH-7801 wheelset (please correct me if I’m wrong) where the broken freehub was. Would anyone have a solid used one or some idea where to get a new/similar one? All help much appreciated! -Turkka
  15. Dami

    Help needed for recognizing a wheelset

    Hi! I’m a dedicated MTBer so these road parts are totally out of my database. My Swiss friend acquired these alongside a bike he purchased and was wondering what models from FIR they are and from which era? We only know they’re some FIR carbon wheels and they apparently cost a ****load of...
  16. Dami

    1999 KHS Nomad ST

    Hi! Here’s my daily driver, but unfortunately due to xxxxx miles ridden on it, I had to update the components about 10 years ago. Originally it had Alivio/LX gearing, some Sunrims on Powertools hubs and IRC Mythos XC’s. Back then I updated it with XT gearing, Deore cranks and Mavic Crossrides...
  17. Dami

    1997 Tunturi Kayapo - Restoration of Finnish steel classic

    Hi guys! I've been repairing and building bikes for 20 years now and also done some limited restorations, but this was definitely my first total restoration. When I found the bike it was headed for the junkyard, it was sprayed with rattle cans and was pretty much made of 22 years of high use no...
  18. Dami

    MTB repair manual from 1991

    Golden findings from my childhood home basement. What would you like to learn? :D
  19. Dami

    Pulstar 32h silver front hub

    Hi, I found a good deal on a NOS rear hub (thankfully the older US made...) so now looking for a silver front Pulstar hub. As the rears especially with the later taiwanese versions seem to have the tendency to break down (and changing/locating the freehub is almost impossible.. I tried it with...
  20. Dami

    jahknob's feedback

    Had such a great experience dealing with Neil that decided to create a feedback page for him. Bought a Proshift derailleur from him that is truly a piece of art! He had a different length cage installed to it, packed it perfectly and the delivery was fast. Everything was spot on, highly...