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  1. Duxuk

    Keith Floyd rides a classic MTB!

    Just watching Saturday Kitchen and on an old feature the late Keith Floyd was riding an old Orbea Cervino. He was in Andalucia, probably early '90s. It was green but had different logos to the picture I've posted. Cer VINO might be an ironic name. Didn't he drink himself to death????
  2. Duxuk

    Riding a big ride on a Whyte JW4.

    My main riding target for this year was to ride the Mary Towneley Loop in the Pennines in a single ride. It's 47 miles but has a massive 6,700 feet of ascent and descent. I could have used a modern bike but thought that my 16 year old Whyte JW4 would be better suited to a not especially...
  3. Duxuk

    My biggest ride in years, on an old bike.

    I've been hoping to ride the Mary Towneley Loop this year. The initial plan was to do it in April but lockdown got in the way. The weather is looking good for Sunday so it's back on. It's a 47 mile, mainly off road ride in the Pennines with 6,500 feet of climbing and whilst it's not very...
  4. Duxuk

    They've dug up our trails.

    :cry: I've been riding at Healey Nab,near Chorley, for going on 30 years. Around 2008 a series of red and black graded were designed by Rowan Sorrel which have been excellent. They have been developed well by a group called I Dig Healey Nab, which I've occasionally helped with. Now we have a...
  5. Duxuk

    Strava KOM on my 16 year old Whyte!

    I wouldn't normally think of myself as a boastful person but today is different. I've set a couple of KOMs previously and today I did another on a 16 year old bike. My Whyte JW4 and it's PRST stablemates were a missed opportunity to progress to something better than telescopic forks. Set at a...
  6. Duxuk

    Now doubt about the new Orange Switch 6.

    I have just had a quick peek at the new Orange range to see if they were emerging from the dark ages. They seem to have made a mistake in their description of their new "mullet" designs. "The new Switch 6 take our legendary ride geometry into the realm of the...
  7. Duxuk

    Free to a good home.

    I recently acquired a new lady in my life. A 1996 Proflex. My wife has told me I have too many ladies in my life already so sadly I have to let one go. I don't want any money for her, she's free to a good home. Her name is Alison. She earns a decent salary, is nice looking, a good cook and good...
  8. Duxuk

    That's got to sting a bit. ... NeHGzXHT2g
  9. Duxuk

    Framebuilders Facebook page!

    I was perusing Facebook earlier and a link to this page popped up Having recently completed a linkage fork which, though a little heavy, is working very well, I feel myself in danger of sliding down the slippery slope towards building a full bike...
  10. Duxuk

    Skin wall tyre recommendations?

    When the WTB Velociraptor first appeared, I thought it was the best tyre ever. They're still pretty good but my front has started to split in the side walls. It has virtually no wear but it'll have to go. The rear is much better so I Googled around for a suitable replacement front. It seems to...
  11. Duxuk

    Shimano square taper BB left cup.

    I have a square taper BB for which, due to a bizarre conspiracy of circumstances :oops: , I need a left hand cup. A UN55 would be ideal. A plastic version would do but I'd rather have a metal version. If you've removed a BB and have the cup then I'd like to acquire it. Andrew.
  12. Duxuk

    Stiff bottom bracket.

    I don't know why I didn't notice before but the bottom bracket on my Proflex Attack LE is stiff to turn. You don't notice when pedaling but if I'm to set multiple KOMs on Strava this won't help :D Seriously is there any point in trying to soak it in a lubricant or should I just shell out £6.99...
  13. Duxuk

    Why not automatic transmission?

    With electrically powered shifting like Shimano Di2 you could have completely automatic transmission. Imagine coasting to the bottom of a technical climb and always being in the right gear when you start to pedal. Or rolling a downhill and never needing to think about changing gear? Freewheels...
  14. Duxuk


    I recently acquired a Proflex Attack LE and am pleased with many aspects of it. The rear end has a new elastomer from SuspesionForkParts in the USA. It keeps the rear wheel feeling planted and is definitely better than a hardtail for grip on stoney surfaces. The front end, meanwhile, is poor...
  15. Duxuk

    How to revive a lacquered finish?

    Apart from a complete strip and polish or new lacquer is there any other way to improve the corroded lacquer on my frame? Are stickers available if I do strip it?
  16. Duxuk

    Rockshox Quadra top cap.

    The thread is damaged on my Quadra 5 top cap on one leg. Does anyone have one or a pair. It's the same cap for a Q5 or Q21. NOS from USA would be around $53 so is just too much money! Andrew.
  17. Duxuk

    Girvin fork, any condition.

    Having acquired a Proflex Attack LE I'm looking to replace the dismal RS Quadra 5 and am hoping for a Girvin. I will be re engineering it for a shock I already have so it doesn't need to be useable, just the component parts. I'll consider anything. Andrew.
  18. Duxuk

    Proflex Attack LE purchased!

    I've just won this on Ebay. Colour me happy! ... fresh=true It looks like it's ready to ride and to be honest exact originality isn't my bag. Can't wait to ride it. I lusted after a Proflex in 1996 but bought a Marin Rift Zone in early '97 instead.
  19. Duxuk

    My Whyte JW4.

    This picture was taken yesterday at Healey Nab, Chorley, Lancashire. The berm at the bottom of the picture is on the red route whilst behind the bike are several different black graded lines. Yes, I thrash my precious classics on some fairly tough terrain. I hope they can be kept going for ever...
  20. Duxuk

    The weather until May....

    I ride all year round but the weather is of importance to me. Not many weather forecasters really stick their neck out with a long term forecast but a website "Weather Without Technology" has no such qualms. It's compiled by David King from Kent and he boasts of incredible accuracy. For instance...