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    Vintage jerseys plus Rory O’Brien musette bag

    Trying to, I'm having trouble sending PM's for some reason, I think they've changed the rules for new users, any chance you could try sending me one instead?
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    First Bike Build...Need Advice

    Second the going for a lower end frame, especially as it's your first build; I wouldn't want to take any of the frames you've mentioned off road, i'd be terrified!
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    The Road bike Introduce Yourself Here Thread

    Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster. Been a frequent visiter to Retrobike since I first built up a bike about 5 years ago, since then I've broken that bike down for parts and now roll around London on a 1996 Dawes Galaxy, about to build up an old Orbit 531 frame as a bit of a quicker bike...
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    Vintage jerseys plus Rory O’Brien musette bag

    Will take the Chateau d’Ax jersey please :)
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    Two classic frames NOW WITHDRAWN

    Re: I know it says withdrawn, but any chance you are still looking at selling these? At 6ft5 it's not often frames come up here in my kind of size, but these are awesome!
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    Selection of classic Carradice Pannier bags from the 70s

    Hi. Are the £35 and £40 panniers still available? What's the difference between them in terms of condition? How much would postage be?