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    WANTED - One Campag Nuvo Record Skewer Bolt

    My Bob Jackson late 1960's / 70 is in for respray, I,ve cleaned up my 1972 sprints & managed to lose one skewer bolt ! Looked High & Low for it but to no avail ! Can anyone help !!! Thanks Charles
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    Don't Italians Make Great Bikes !

    Spotted this Lake Como !!!
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    BOB JACKSON & MERLIN 1972 Catalogue & Price List

    Here is my BJ & Merlin catalogue from about 1972, hope it's of interest !
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    BOB JACKSON Vintage Frame Identification

    In 1972/3 I purchased a secondhand Bob Jackson frame from a teamate who had raced it & it was in need of a respray. I had it resprayed at Wilson cycles Sheffield with there name on it. I used the bike untill I had a new Ribble built & for the best part of 20 years my Bob Jackson has sat in the...
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    Diamond Back Axis 1992 SOLD

    I need to sell my first mountain bike I bought new in 1992 [Diamond Back Axis 1992] to make room for my new bike in december. The group set is Deore XT, & I think the frame size is 17", the saddle is set in the photo for me at 5ft-8ins.The bike was used off & on over a 15 year period & has all...