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    rBoTM RBotM April 2021 - Last Lockdown Rides - Poll Up - Vote Now!!!

    I think for me, thats what the competition is about. Its not about judging the bike, but what riding you did in lockdown
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    Wanted Tiso sereo front derailleur (standard, not compact)

    never heard of em, but that looks cool
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    Help identifying Giant bike

    I did wonder if it's not a giant but a cheeky chinese budget copy. The seat tube clearance looks massive for a genuine giant. This plus the bolt on gear hanger plus the crude seatpin clamp plus lever bosses. Is it steel or aluminum?
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    Alimo - Dutch Benotto sub-brand (70-80s)

    I like the blue one in post no. #7 Nice colour and understated
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    Help identifying Giant bike

    I would say a OCR from around the millenium. it looks as though someone has got a frame and hung real cheap components onto it. The reason the frame might have been separated from the bits might be that the rear hanger snapped, hence the cheapo bolt-on rear mech hanger. Without closer...
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    1994 M&B of Dronfield custom build (Vernon Barker)

    Pump peg on the head tube was common. These were days before reliable pocket pumps, and if there were 2 bottle cages you had to find somewhere to fit a pump on training rides
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    Issues with Spa Cycles - advice?

    How anyone can enjoy riding on ice baffles me. Having had numerous low speed ice crashes resulting in concussion and the fact that I'm of heavier build meaning i come down hard, means i no longer ride in those conditions. Plus the experience is not enjoyable - perched on the bike rigid with...
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    Wanted Touring bike

    Keep a lookout on the ctc forum also. Indeed there may be something on there now that would fit .....
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    Mavic MA40 rear

    I think all ma40s were black (grey) anodised. The silver version was the ma2
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    Vintage 'Winchester' roadbike.

    Matt black with new carbon stealth componentry. Go on, dare you:D
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    Vintage 'Winchester' roadbike.

    I'm also not sure the sport was at a peak in the 70s. It was a fairly minority sport. Those who cycled for pleasure were seen as a bit eccentric, those who cycled for transport were seen as unable to afford a car
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    Vintage 'Winchester' roadbike.

    It was superstars and the bloke was Brian jacks, a judo champion. The show used single speed raleigh bikes with a freewheel, not fixed. Then there was the kevin keegan crash ...
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    Upgrading 1980's 10-speed to modern 18-speed possible?

    I think your 2 main problems are first, fitting the wheel in a narrow frame, which you have already identified and second operating friction levers with narrow spaced cassettes. You will need to be very precise with your shifts, so no quick panic changes when it gets too steep. The old 5 and 6...
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    I need shorter cranks, but by how much?? (155mm vs 160mm)

    For me, I can really spin short cranks and wind it up on the flat, track-rider style. However, as soon as I climb, I can't maintain that spinning needed to make equal progress. As a rider, I am of heavier build and have breathing difficulties, so the slower tempo and bigger muscles make it...
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    I need shorter cranks, but by how much?? (155mm vs 160mm)

    Try and buy second hand or budget versions before you commit to a permanent decision. I reduced to 170s based on what the magazines and forum advice and whilst it worked on the flat, I was climbing slower and less efficiently and now have a drawer full of redundant cranks and what was quite an...
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    Gravel bars for older stems?

    Some stuff here
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    Shimano Dura Ace 7700 Rear Derailleur

    You say max cog 27, I am using one compact chainset and a 12-30 cassette no problem
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    The simple pleasures of a cheapo bike

    Re: Re: chapeau sir. If Carlsberg implemented personal mobility ....