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    (not so) Rory O'Brien

    Picked this from a fellow member on Easter Monday, looked interesting bike to keep me busy for a little while. Stripped and cleaned a bit looks better still, especially forks after receiving old alu foil treatment. I'm more and more inclined that this is not really ROB bike after all, but I...
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    For Sale Colnago Tecnos Competition Art Decor Size 54

    For sale - seat tube 54 ctt (52 ctc), top tube 54 ctc - Some small paint chips on the frame, mostly on area by BB (bottom part) plus a small dent and corresponding paint chip on top tube, structurally sound, but annoying never-the-less. All chips have been covered in plain black paint. -...
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    Experts on Wilier wanted

    Picked up this last summer from an old gent on my trip in Italy. Took it for couple of spins then parked it. Who knew it would took me so long to retrieve it. :cry: Started to wonder about it being Wilier or not. Definitely a nice, light steel and a fabulous marble effect paint scheme on...
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    Galli Criterium/Aerodynamic KL front mech wanted

    As per title, looking for Galli front mech to complete the group. Would also consider pedals. Many thanks
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    Mistery bikeq

    Trying to find out the brand/maker of this bike I picked up Sat night just before Tier 4 and all came into force. Clearly not Bertrand (CA or GB one), as the name on the downtube is actually painted on, so could be name of the owner, perhaps after repaint? Here are the facts and figures: - 120...
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    Wanted - Campagnolo Supert Record rear mech bolt

    Rear mech missing hanger fixing bolt as per image below if anyone has a spare please, ready to buy. Cheers
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    Ofmega Sintesi pedals and clips - NOS

    New old stock Ofmega Sintesi pedals and toe clips. £50, postage included. Now moved to Fleabay
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    Lockring wrench plus STI 6400 hoods (any colour)

    Wanted a bottom bracket lock ring wrench/tool to remove 6 notch type lock ring. Those single notch type tools are no good as the bugger on the drive side is pretty stuck (yes I know which way threads are :) ) See image of bb below Also wanted are hoods for Shimano STI 6400 shifters, any...
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    The Carlton Super Course XXL > SOLD <

    EDIT: It was pointed out to me that forks do not look straight, so I inspected them and it could be true. I carefully checked the frame and could not see any paint bunching or similar to suggest it has suffered any damage at all. See added close up pictures of the frame and forks to the album...
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    Old steel press fit type crankset

    Was given a frame and this crankset, which I'm unsure off as Thompson stile but not cottered/square tapper? Any idea ? Was on vintage Fiorelli frame so I guess may as well be Fiorelli as they did make chainsets I believe. No markings on it at all. And if anyone interested to purchase let...
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    Wanted 3TTT Stem Cover/Badge

    Does anyone have a 3TTT plastic front cover for EVOL 2002 stem as per image below by chance? Mine was lost when moving parts from one place to another :facepalm:
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    Peugeot PR10 1974 - NOW REMOVED

    This could be an easy project or a donor bike for all Peugeot lovers - PR10 from 1974 - with some rear ish) original parts. Have cleaned and treated the frame, polished it and waxed it, it is showing quite a few scratches, but I prefer not to repaint vintage bikes unless absolutely needed. As...
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    Campi Gran Sport High Flange wheels

    What do you think these are worth these days - late 1950s, they spin nicely, QRs included, Nisi rims that will polish fine as tried by myself for couple of minutes as seen on one of pics.
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    Dura Ace 7410 Seatpost cracked

    Hi all, resto project going on the 1992 TVT92 Carbone HM. Many issues, but progressing steadily :wink: One of the pain points is the seatpost, which has two issues No1 is stuck secondary seat pin at the back of the seat tube, I guess still and alu made permanent bond, so need to drill it...
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    KEKI cycle roller chain

    Found this in the back of the cupboard, not sure where it came from. Old cycle chain 1/2 x 1/8 112L. Any knowledge about this? Anyone needs it for their project?
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    Pinarello - tatty but with interesting crankset

    Picked this mix bag of bits on what looks like 70/80's entry level Pinarello one up (well someone else did it for me and stored in my summer house as no travel allowed currently) for a price of chicken bucket meal. Very very tatty, but what drew my attention to it was the pantographed Campi...
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    Raleigh 531C? f+f

    Anyone interested in a 1989 Raleigh F+F, most likely 531C Luxe, see my previous post here (viewtopic.php?f=12&t=405355), stripped, couple of small dents on rear stays. Was in real state before I got it as can be seen from previous post, spent a day stripping gunk and rust off, could do with a...
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    Shimano 105 FH 1055 rear hub seal WANTED

    Resurrecting a nice wheelset of 1980s Shimano 105 hubs on Mavic MA40 rims - marking on rear have gone, front are FH 1055, so assuming same for rear. When started on rear hub the plastic seal came out and it is broken. Anyone has a replacement i can buy or knows where to get one please...
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    Ambrosio Balance & Aerotrack Halo rims FREE - GONE!!

    Here i have Ambrosio Balance and Aerotrack rim (one each) i collected as part of a bulk buy that someone may need. Not NOS, but have some life still in them, no chips or dents as far as I could see. Free to collect, can also meet & greet :) Windsor/Maidenhead/Slough/Stockley Park (Uxbridge)...