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    Wanted Hope N Mount IS to PM 180mm

    Looking for a Hope N Mount IS to PM 180mm Anything out there?
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    Kalloy Uno Purple Stem / Bars / Bar Ends

    Yes its the great divider - love it or loathe it! Purple Kalloy Uno quill stem 1/18th 130mm with some rise (not flat or mega commuter steep) Kalloy Uno Purple bars uncut 590mm with some sweep (slight fading in parts) and includes a pair of boutique Trans X bar ends in a Matte Frost (matching)...
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    Hope Gunmetal Grey Skewers - Purple Sold

    As per the title Hope (newer style) Gunmetal Grey skewers 100 / 135 - £20 Hope Purple 34.9 QR Seatclamp (may not be pre 97 but it looks the part) £12 - Sold Pics to follow
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    Red Salsa 32.0 Flip Off seat clamp £15 fits Yo Eddy

    Hi All Selling some small parts that I don’t need for my Yo 32.0 Salsa Flip Off seat Collar in Red Selling as a set £15 Pics below
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    1996 Raleigh Team Ti

    Hi All I have the chance to acquire what I think is a 1996 Raleigh Team Titanium, nothing special on the spec, a hint of M900, 737 Vs, some Ti bars and rigid Raleigh forks It’s not the same as the Torus and it has the window drop out and a few TiMet stickers here and there.... I suspect it’s...
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    Anyone in Budapest?

    Need a wee favour from one of our more far flung correspondents....
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    Any German retrobikers use XCashan before?

    Seems to have cheap Troy Lee Kit on there - but its suspiciously cheap rather than bargain cheap if you know what I mean? Anyone a regular user?
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    Michelin WildGripper Lite S - Green 1.95 - New £80 Posted

    Tyres are close to NOS, I've mounted them once on the Yo but the Green didnt go with the Purple Sidewalls are Tan, and are not dry These are the Lite S version - 1.95 and are yours for £80 posted Pics by email boxxer
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    Jason McRoy to be inducted into MTB Hall of Fame

    According to Jim McRoy on facebook today Amazing news and well deserved!
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    Collection help Queensbury, Bradford....

    Anybody able to grab a wheel from a guy in Queensbury on the map it looks north of Haifa and west of Bradford.. It’s a Hope on 121 (I have a matching rear sitting) and it’s not much money - happy to cover fuel / beer if anyone can help! I’ll sort a courier to get it the 150 miles to the...
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    1" Ahead Spacers

    Looking for a few 1" ahead stem spacers Blue, Black or Silver, any sizes are fine Cheers
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    XTR M910 front 32 Hole

    Will be looking for an M910 Front hub - 32 Hole in the next few weeks if anyone has one they are willing to part with
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    Anyone in Frome?

    Hoping this is the right area - my English geography is suspect sometimes! Guy on Facebook offering me a frame, I’m not sure he’ll post, would anyone be able to collect and I’ll arrange a courier to me??
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    Is anyone in touch with Big Eck these days

    Haven’t seen or heard from him in many years, anyone?
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    Anyone in Germany / Austria / Switzerland??

    I have found a couple of small light things I want to buy from a ship in Germany - they wont ship outside of Germany / Austria / Switzerland... Can you help?
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    Troy Lee Sticker Kits

    Anyone got any TLD Sticker kits for sale? As long as its genuine I'm interested in buying Cheers
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    £100 posted - 175mm Topline Cranks Silver / Pewter

    Set of Topline Cranks 175mm Standard 110BCd, in Silver / Pewter, was going to use them on my Yo but going with M900 instead No cracks, all threads and tapers in excellent shape - I love them but need to pay for the frame repair and repaint! £100 posted if sold today
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    FS - Onza HO Pedals, TNT cranks / Hub, Xlite Ti, Topline

    Few Parts before I go down the evilbay route 1) Onza HO Pedals - Silver / Cromo axles - mounted then realised I couldn't find the cleats, comes with full set of unused elastomers - £45 2) Onza HO Brakes - Silver, uncracked, decent pads comes with a bag of spares parts - £45 Sold I’d bundle...
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    Troy Lee Designs stickers etc

    Anyone selling any TLD kits - finally have a bit of cash to spend on cool stuff Let me know what you got! Cheers
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    XT 739 Long Cage for spares

    Anyone got a cheap (like £10 cheap) XT 739 rear mech that I can cannibalise to fix another mech?