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    8 speed down tube shifter

    As title, 8 speed shimano indexed for brazed on bosses. Really only need the right hand one, as bike runs single chainring, but understand people may want to sell as a pair Bike is a clunker, so not wanting to spend new prices. I have other cassettes I can swap around, so may consider 9 speed...
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    SORTED threadless road stem

    modern! 130 length, 1 1/8 threadless, 31.8 bars, flattish, so +/- around 7-8 degrees colour not important, nothing carbonny or fancy, its going on a winter bike
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    1 inch quill stem for 31.8 bars

    Do they exist? Arthritic hands mean I need the modern shallow drop bar where the bend and hoods are designed to flow together, but how do I mate these with a threaded headset and quill stem? I don't like the quill/ thread less adapters cos a threadless stem on top of a threaded lockring looks a...
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    Dura ace 7800 rear mech

    Wanted please Will be going on a summer rider, so NOS or BNIB will probably be a waste, but also nothing that has spent the depths of winter on a commute bike..... You get the drift. Would consider this together with a 7800 braze on front mech if you were reluctant to split Please let me...
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    To grease or not to grease

    My next project is to build a modern summer bike (not retro, sorry) Do I grease a carbon seatpost into a carbon frame or assemble it dry?
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    Pete Shelley

    No, I've not just caught up with the news, I knew he passed last week, but what I didn't know till yesterday, was that he composed this tune. Even if the tune's not for you, enjoy Bernie and the boys riding bikes.
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    Front Rack

    Front luggage rack wanted. 3 point fixing @ mudguard eyes and brake centre bolt. Hopefully retro style/make. Cosmetics not important, will go on a utility bike for shopping errands
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    Wd40 @ Tesco

    450ml cans at £2.75, halfords and others retailing them at a fiver
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    Thurcroft, Rotherham cycle jumble

    someone told me it was this sunday. Can anyone confirm? or let me know the correct date please. nothing is showing up on other areas on this site. thanks
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    Don't try this back home ... ailsignout
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    NOW SORTED : Long Drop dual pivot brake caliper

    Converting a bike with 27" wheels to 700C and need a rear brake caliper with a nominal 70mm+ drop. Want something that works, so dual pivot please ... maybe Tektro, Alongha etc
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    Left side shimano tricolour crank

    In170mm please got the right side with spider, just missing the left
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    shimano 6400 tricolour cranks

    Must be 172.5 length With or without rings and bolts Realistic price and condition please - its going on a rider, not a show bike I have 175s I could swap for
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    Not something I was expecting Was this meant to be out April 1st?
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    you've always wanted to enter the world of carbon

    spoil yerself with an affordable carbon bike Wonder how good/bad it is ?? ... nformation
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    modern(ish) chainset wanted

    for my winter bike. 172.5mm cranks only. Nothing too flash, and definitely not a collector's piece as its a modern Racelight and will take some weather. Either 39/52 or compact - definitely not old skool 42/52 as I'm a middle aged fatty riding the Peak district Square taper or modern Shimano...
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    Lecture - in Sheffield 19/03/14

    maybe this should be in the Rides/Meets section, but does anyone regularly read that ? Its Wednesday 19th march 7pm, Sheffield Hallam University and is the Institute of Engineering & Technology prestige lecture as part of the National science & engineering week. "cycling for Speed - Technology...
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    Talking Italian

    Just to be clear .... its Campagnolo if you want to be formal or Campag if you like to talk or type quickly. Its not Campy unless you enjoy riding a no-brakes, flat bar fixie (there's another dodgy word) and consider yourself a cycling hipster Neither is it Campa ... a name used by some of our...
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    531 forks - advice please

    a chap here at work commutes to work by bike every day, rain or shine. He recently told me his frame snapped for no reason and that he needed to buy a new frame. I asked about the forks. "They're ok " says he "but seeing the frame suddenly snapped, I guess those will be unsafe too". So he gave...
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    Worn 135 BCD chainring about 46-48 tooth

    I'm building a bike up for my son with a single 39T ring up front and want to make a bashguard, so I'll be grinding off the teeth, so a well worn campag fit chainring of about 46-48 tooth would be perfect.