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  1. Skynet

    1908 Touring Club Iitaliano, Bianchi Cover Redrawn

    I found a low res photo so thought I'd redraw it, just because.
  2. Skynet

    English Roadster, Educate Me Please

    For some reason I've a small itch for a traditional English sit up and beg roadster but know practically no details about them other than most seem to be 28" wheel. I know some people on here have them, so any info would be appreciated. What era tended to produce the best quality ones (if they...
  3. Skynet

    Wanted Large 20-21" Nice Steel Frameset

    My brother is looking for a nice, large (to me!) steel frameset. Not so nice it's £1k+ but nice enough and preferably not in desperate need of repainting (although that might not be a dealbreaker) and includes rigid forks. Dainty rather than chunky. Non-rusty! I don't know a whole lot about...
  4. Skynet

    King “Rewind Play” with Klein Backfire inspired paintjob

    The bike was shown at Eurobike 2019, I don’t know if it was built as a show bike or it was a customer’s being shown off either way the cabling was a bit messy (that’s being polite). There are pics out there if you want a laugh :) It is a fillet brazed Columbus frame with a 3T full carbon fork...
  5. Skynet

    MTB Riders Lego Illustrations

    I was doing some road legends and someone said that I should do some mtb ones too. So here are the first two.
  6. Skynet

    Cycling Legends, Lego Illustrations

    Just for something a little different to do. First one done. Slightly awkward depending on the jersey design with the body shape. Thought I'd do top trump style cards too but might change the design of those. Created in Affinity Designer.
  7. Skynet

    Groovy Luv Handle Ti, Salsa Salt Flat Ti etc.

    Looking for a quality flat(ish) ti handlebar (not Thomson's though) with 9 degree or more of sweep, 31.8mm clamp and 600mm plus width (other than Luv Handles). Thanks.
  8. Skynet

    M15x1.5mm Stainless Nut, Thin

    It's for the end of a thru axle so thin'ish doesn't need to be like a track nut, I can't find any in the UK. Thanks
  9. Skynet

    Factory 5 Titan Quill Stem

    Non-scratched. I know there is the J&L copy but they aren't quite as nice. Thanks
  10. Skynet

    Where to buy titanium quill expander bolt?

    They used to be easy to find but the only ones I've found are from the States with a silly amount of shipping. Anyone know of somewhere closer to home (UK)? Thanks.
  11. Skynet

    90/100mm Titanium Quill Stem

    Preferably 26mm, would be even better with a little bit of rise. Thanks. Marc
  12. Skynet

    Scott Scale 700 or 710 27.5" Medium

    As per the subject, must be in excellent condition and willing to post. I'm not interested in an older 26 or the 9 series 29ers. Thanks.
  13. Skynet

    Shimano 7700 25th Anniversary Bits

    Any of these, non knackered, non insanely priced :D 27.2mm seatpost brakes levers mechs hubs Thanks
  14. Skynet

    Its Bitys Yellow Cannondale for a Teen

    A 2002 650c Cannondale CAAD 4 R500, upgraded a bit by the previous owner with 160mm Sugino XD2R cranks and Stronglight rings, 46/36, 105 mech (the rest Tiarga) and nicer saddle, looking at the catalog the original was horrible. Photo as it came including the back to front seatpost clamp. 38cm...
  15. Skynet

    Cinelli Alter 1 1/8" Inverse Shim

    I know the Alter's were for 1" steerer but have read that there was what someone called an inverse shim so it would fit 1 1/8". I don't understand how that would work, making a hole larger, any ideas or is it nonsense?
  16. Skynet

    Cannondale Coda Competition 27.2mm Seatpost

  17. Skynet

    Cinelli Eubios bars, Alter stem, 650c Spinergy Rev X

    Looking for the following: Cinelli Eubios bars 40cm Cinelli Alter 90mm threadless, red yellow Spinegry Rev X clinchers 650c Thanks
  18. Skynet

    26" Wheel Raleigh Olympus or Posher **SORTED**

    The original one. I think the small frame size was a 19. I don't want to respray so nice condition paint. Green would be good but red would be OK. If it has the original guards that would be good too. I've seen some older Holdsworth 26'ers that would be very suitable too but don't know much...
  19. Skynet

    Quality Small Lugged Steels Frames

    I've not come across any quality 44/46cm non-custom frames, did anyone do or currently do them? Nothing too ancient. Most seem to have gone/go down to 48 or 49cm at most but not small enough. I don't trust the modern tig welded stuff after reading about some bad failures (although they were far...
  20. Skynet

    Manitou DH Frame and Parts ***SOLD***

    I never got around to finishing it and now never will so £950, Pickup only from Kent. All or nothing, I won't be splitting. Frame: Manitou DH 18” 7th Sept ’94 DH950007, so the James Bond of Manitou’s! Fork: Manitou EFC DH Front Wheel: Ringle thru axle on Mavic 117CD Ceramic 32 spoke Rear...