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  1. simcfarlane

    GT Pantera AL 1992? - Crawley
  2. simcfarlane

    Wanted Marin 1993 seatpost clamp - black

    Just picked up a very original Bear Valley SE. Only thing missing is the seat post clamp. Anyone have one - ideally in black... although I can paint if needed. Cheers Simon
  3. simcfarlane

    Trek 750 MultiTrack - 1996 - Ebay
  4. simcfarlane

    Help identifying this Raleigh

    Thanks Keithglos + Midlife I really can't find a frame number... but looking at some Europas the seat stays are a single piece that wraps around the seat tube. There are lots of similarities. Once I strip the paint back I'll look out for the frame number.
  5. simcfarlane

    Help identifying this Raleigh

    Can you help? I've been gifted this sorry looking Raleigh. I really like it and it's exactly my size. Before restoring I need to know what it is. Can you point me in the right direction. I was thinking 70s Grand Prix - but I'm not sure. I'm normally a 90s MTB person... but want to give this a go.
  6. simcfarlane

    Work bikes

    Re: 2.2" Rapid Rob tyres didn't leave much room! Still work well.
  7. simcfarlane

    Work bikes

    '97 Marin Pine Mountain '97 Marin Pine Mountain. Came to me in a bit of a mess. Kept the original parts and added quick coat of paint. Use it for most things now. Really comfortable.
  8. simcfarlane

    XT 739, MARIN, UN72. All gone or withdrawn

    Re: Saddle please. Will PM.
  9. simcfarlane

    Klein Pinnacle - Brighton Facebook - £50

    Seems genuine.... I just don't think she knows what she's got!
  10. simcfarlane

    Klein Pinnacle - Brighton Facebook - £50

    I would - but I haven't got the space at the moment. ... 957435448/
  11. simcfarlane

    Marin Sausalito F+F 91 - 92

    Re: Could be. I'm gonna build it from the parts bin anyway. Do you have any pics? Would you be able to post? How much? Cheers.
  12. simcfarlane

    Marin Sausalito F+F 91 - 92

    Not strictly MTB... I'm looking for a frame and forks. Cheers Simon
  13. simcfarlane

    Marin, Orange, or Merlin?

    Re: Is this a Marin? I don't think it is a Marin. Marin run the 2 gear cables under the down tube... just a single brake cable along the top tube. Looks like an Orange to me? viewtopic.php?f=6&t=335815
  14. simcfarlane

    davemev feedback!

    97 Marin Rockstar forks... Just as described. Nice quick delivery. Will be perfect for my project. Cheers Dave
  15. simcfarlane

    Forks - Marin Rockstar - Threadless

    On the later 90s frames with Maintou Fork option (I think 96 / 97 ish). I'm after the rigid Rockstar Fork. It's actually for a '99 Eldridge Grade - but by then there was no rigid option. Frame size is 20.5 if that makes a difference. What have you got? Cheers Simon
  16. simcfarlane

    Rigid fork

    Morning all.... I've got a '99 Marin Eldridge Grade. Going to tweak it to suit my riding. Single speed + rigid fork. At the moment it comes with Answer Manitou Spyder R, 3.15" travel. What rigid fork would you recommend? Cheers Simon
  17. simcfarlane

    Anyone recognise this?

    Re: It was the Magura brakes which made me question. Looked a bit like one of the later 90's Gary Fisher Joshua. It's very similar... but when you look closer it's not as well constructed.
  18. simcfarlane

    Anyone recognise this?

    For sale locally.... I feel like I know what it is! Components too good for your usual BSO. Any ideas?
  19. simcfarlane

    Marin Eldridge Grade 1999 (kiwi green)

    I just double checked. 19-19.5" C-C. Marin sizes do come up a bit odd. Frame number is: F049FAD065 Should mean it's.... F - Fairly Factory 04 - Eldridge Grade 9 - '99 FA - Month D - 19" 065 - Production number
  20. simcfarlane

    Marin Eldridge Grade 1999 (kiwi green)

    Just put it on eBay. Grab yourself a bargain! ... 3824010829