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    1990 Marin Palisades zolatone refurb

    Yes, the one in the barn is 1991 - as well as the different Zolatone shades, the fatter, constant diameter Afterburner seat stays came out in 1991. The OP one has tapered stays. Also the decals were white in 1990, so are not faded from neon.
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    1989 Marin Eldridge Grade

    Nice bike, though I am pretty sure it is a 1991. It has the constant diameter "Afterburner" seat stays which came out in 1991 and it is the "Matt Black with Neon Green Lug" colour that was offered alongside a "Neon Yellow with Neon Pink Splatter" in the US in 1991. Models from 1990 and before...
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    Early 80’s Araya Muddy Fox Adventurer

    Also: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=18576
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    Early 80’s Araya Muddy Fox Adventurer

    There's quite a bit on info on here and other places on the early MF's, S&G bikes. Do a search for S&G, Muddy Fox, Araya. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=290545 viewtopic.php?f=6&t=398554
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    Early 80’s Araya Muddy Fox Adventurer

    Looks good. This was for sale recently here in New Zealand, went for 20 quid, but they wouldn't ship to me so I missed out. This is probably more of the original spec, silver rims etc.
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    What's this?

    NZ$200 is about GBP100, so possibly worth it. I think the Sandy decal is a personal addition - the sellers ID is snady1, which could be Sandy.... It's unusual to get absolutely nothing from google, even if it a local brand etc and quite unusual to have a looptail design.
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    What's this?

    Any ideas what this is? Google doesn't seem to help or maybe my Google-fu is off. "Pre" Precision Pinnacle 86x? Thanks, John ... ed5b03d9dd
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    Raleigh Maverick 198?

    Different, cheaper rear mech with a hanger though. More pics but no more info: ... 1448415/1/
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    Raleigh Maverick 198?

    There is another of these around, found on photobucket:
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    1993 (?) Marin Bear Valley SE.

    Yes, it's a 1993. Looks good, I like those cool, white/grey Exage ES cranks, only available in 1993. Enjoy it.
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    Shimano STX SE FC-MC31 chain rings

    Apologies, that was something I did not realise and I quoted the link with the 95mm dimension on it :facepalm: There was previous thread on here about the same issue viewtopic.php?f=1&t=51037&start=0 It seems that in 1994 only, Alivio (MC11), STX (MC30) & STX-SE (MC31-CH) used 95mm outer BCD...
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    Shimano STX SE FC-MC31 chain rings

    Shimano 5 arm compact triple BCDs are 94mm outer/middle and 58mm granny. You have to be careful though, the design was not always the same - e.g. Not all 1994 STX SE rings will fit on 1994 LX cranks. For STX MC31, the outer ring fixed to the middle ring and the granny ring connected it all to...
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    1989 MARIN Muirwoods

    Re: Re: Is it not a 91, with the Afterburner stays?
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    Marin Bear Valley SE 1994 *New pics: page 2*

    Re: Marin Bear Valley SE 1994 I have one of those, yours looks like it is in much better nick. Great bikes, although I tend to ride mine on the road and gravel tracks rather than full on off-road.
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    1994 Marin Nail Trail with orginal STX SE bike parts

    Re: Re: Hi Warbreed, Sounds like you have a 1993 Nail Trail? ... 3.pdf.html That had Deore LX components, an Exage ES crankset and Araya TM-18 rims. Although the colour of the forks and bars is more red than purple. Also, STX-SE groupset was only...
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    1995 Crestone Peak VO2 Max Extreme

    Cool, thanks for this. Bit of a so-so review; stiff, race-like handling with a few component issues. Might have to replace these if I find the same problems, although I don't think I will be hammering it as much as they probably did in the test. PM sent. Cheers, John
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    1995 Supergo Alu

    Bit of a thread resurrection but I have recently acquired a Crestone Peak VO2 Max Extreme which apparently uses the same frame as your Supergo - see the scanned review in my thread. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=336672 Your Supergo looks like a nice bike - how does it ride? Cheers, John
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    1995 Crestone Peak VO2 Max Extreme

    Re: Re: A scan of the test would be great thanks! Now to find some time to work on it - I might have to treat myself to a day off work specifically for this purpose...
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    1995 Crestone Peak VO2 Max Extreme

    Trawling through the local auction site, I spied this bike, asked a question about the size then forgot about it. It didn't sell so I got a fixed offer, thought what the hell and now I am the proud owner of a 1995 Crestone Peak VO2 Max Extreme: There does not seem to be much info around...
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    Marin Eldridge Grade - finally, after 20 years

    Nice looking bike - I had a 95 Eldridge Grade and have a 1995 Team Marin too. I replaced all the spokes on the rear EG wheel too, the ones on the Team are not original so I can't comment on whether it was related to the model or year. Those brakes are a bit of a pain to set up but seem to work...