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  1. sminchnz

    Identifying Mavic Crossmax XLs

    Hi everyone, I've got some Crossmax XL 26s which I restickered and now want to find new spokes for - but of course the old serial number sticker is gone... Can anyone help me determine the model / year of these, or even better give me a serial number from a pair of their wheels that are the...
  2. sminchnz

    Litespeed Sewanee restomod

    Picked up this frame a few months back and just got the last pieces of the puzzle. Rebuilt with 1x XT, some glorious Crossmaxs, and a pair of those NOS Bombers that popped up on Wiggle a while back. Tomorrow we'll find out whether that was time and money well spent 😬
  3. sminchnz

    Klein Pinnacle 1994

    Klein Pinnacle in sparkly red. Bought as a frame only and built up in glorious 1994/95 spec. - 8-speed X-Ray Gripshift - XT M-739 mechs - Dia-Compe Power Control 7EXA brake levers - Pedersen SE-2000 self-energising cantis - LX Parallax hubs with Mavic 221 wheels - Ritchey bar and pedals -...
  4. sminchnz

    Help identifying a TCR

    Hi guys, I picked up a Giant TCR a few days ago and am trying to figure out what year it is. Photos below, with key details by my reckoning being an integrated double seatpost clamp, seat tube at the clamp machined with 4 notches to hold a rubber weather-proofing sleeve, seat tube forming to...
  5. sminchnz

    1994 GT Tequesta gravel build

    Built up with Ultegra shifters, LX mech, Avid Arch Rival brakes, and a Kona gravel bar. Fork is a GT chromo off another bike. Cassette is an Aliexpress 9 speed so it'll be interesting to see how that goes.
  6. sminchnz

    1998 GT Zaskar restomod

    This one won’t appeal to the purists but an old frame and some more modern parts is a hell of a combination. The original bike as I bought it is below. The frame was is good nick but most of the rest of it was knackered. The wheels were munted, the fork was rigid, drivetrain was on its last...
  7. sminchnz

    Identifying Time pedals

    Hi everyone, I got some Time pedals on a bike I picked up today and I have no clue what they are, and can’t find anything to help me ID them. They have ‘carbon’ on the front side, but no model number etc I can see. Does anyone know what these are? Stephen
  8. sminchnz

    Avid Arch Rival disassembly

    Does anyone know if you can / how you disassemble Avid Arch Rivals where they bolt to the frame? It looks like this may be able to be unscrewed for servicing - the black part at the back of it seems to be screwed into the black bit at the front to contain the spring and pivots etc - but for the...
  9. sminchnz

    Help request - IDing a Klein frame

    I just bought a Klein frame which the seller said is around 1994 vintage. Photos below. The paint looks nasty in these shots - looks like it’s on the BB shell too? - but the seller says “It all looks original. I suspect it has a very subtle fade or mottle effect from factory. When wet you...
  10. sminchnz

    Angleset in a ‘99 Zaskar

    I’ve just picked up a 1999 Zaskar and am looking at dropping in an angle adjust headset to slacken the front out a bit from the stock 70.5 degrees. My go-to mechanic is a little cautious as that’ll increase the forces on the frame, and he’s worried it could crack it at the head tube. Has anyone...