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    No Spend Transcend Sunday 9th June - Peebles

    Following on from a wee Strava discussion over the weekend - Off-piste Glentress (or possibly Cademuir). Bring your goggles, full-face lid and enough fist-bumps to last the day. Bro. As if... Hoping to tackle some of the more interesting off-piste trails, so do expect some steepness. I'll do...
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    Sat 19th May - Gawd Bless 'Em Royal Wedding Ride

    Keri will be spending Saturday watching Britain's favourite reality TV stars Hairy Prince and Smegham Sparkle get married. So, I shall be decking my bike in Union Jack bunting and going for a ride. Somewhere. Anybody else fancy it? Was thinking Comrie Croft or Glentress. Or...
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    A Munro A Month?

    (Or a hill at least) I want a bit more variety this year. And it doesn't have to be all weekends away to Torridon (although that would be nice too!). There's plenty can easily be done in a day. So, inspired by this STW thread, I'm thinking this should be do-able. Early candidates... Ben...
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    2015-04-19 Ballater Aftermath

    Musings on an eventful weekend to follow... Hawmaw and Jim crossing the bridge at the south end of Loch Muick The easy climb before the zigzags to the plateau ' See that track over there to the right of the trees on the hillside? ' ' Yes ' ' We're coming down that. ' ' Snow doesn't look...
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    2015-02-22 Baltic Bawbags Aftermath

    Well that was Christmassy... If my fingers hadn't been about to do a Ranulph Fiennes, I'd have taken more pictures. You really can't beat riding on fresh snow though... You also can't beat letting someone ride in front of you so all the snow on the low-hanging trees and bushes falls on them...
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    November ride - Falkirk Local Trails 30th

    Alrighty, after a bit of gentle prodding from Hawmaw... Time to organise a wee central ride. I'm thinking a variation on Zig Zag's local trails. Should be a wee bit shorter than last time, we'll not be going out to Muiravonside park, but following a smaller loop taking in the Falkirk Wheel (and...
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    It's the spare parts winter build thread

    Alright. It's the can you 'build up a bike from your spare parts box for winter, because I'm bored' thread. Objective: Build up a bike purely from all your spare parts. Rules: No buying bits for the build. Although I will let you off with brake/gear cables and chain if you absolutely have to...
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    iPhone 4, White, 8GB, Unlocked - WITHDRAWN

    Selling my wife's 8GB iPhone 4. 2 years old, some scratches on the screen (see picture below), plus a few light marks to the steel bezel where cases have been put on and removed. Phone has been unlocked by O2, will just need synced via iTunes with your non O2 sim. Original box, charger and...
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    10th August - Retro Crit Under Stirilng Castle?

    Hi gents viewtopic.php?f=5&t=298772 Quite liking the look of this. £6 for the pleasure of hooring/pootling/puffing and peching around Stirling City Center, looks like a not bad deal to me. Rockhopper with slicks possibly, or the old Puch Cavalier? Hmmm....
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    2014-04-18 Drumlanrig Aftermath

    Pretty safe to say a good day was had by all. Lovely dry trails, weather superb, bluebells were rampant and the company good as always. Topped off with a tasty burger to finish from the farmers market (and cake), obligatory comedy crash from yours truly, and the usual ridiculous banter (don't...
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    Spring Epic - Sunday 13th April, Glen Clova (PLUS Mt Keen)

    Mt Keen Saturday 12th April. For those that are keen to maximise the weekend's riding, or can't make it on the Sunday. Myself and gmac are planning tackling Mt. Keen on the Saturday. If you fancy it, put your climbing legs on! Glen Doll (well technically Glen Clova) Sunday 13th April. Planned...
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    2014-01-19 Strathpuffer Aftermath

    Words to follow... Glamping at the Strathpuffer Spa. Mud treatment and cold stone massage complimentary. Wait no, they're mandatory. Warp factor beard, Mr K. Early afternoon Jamie 3/4s of the way round. Putting a brave face on his binding rear hub Kaiser... beard sporter. Single...
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    New Year, New DAEC

    Hi folks Please welcome our newest DAEC - clubby. Get yourselves ready for some MacRetro adventures in the North East :) And a big thanks to mikee, who clubby will be replacing.
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    Evans £10 Off £30 - Today 2nd October Only

    Code: ECTENT New £20 tyre ordered :D
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    2013-08-10 - Pitmedden BBQ Aftermath

    Photos coming shortly... Top day, and a fine repast to finish. It's good to be back... and not broken.
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    Pitmedden BBQ: Saturday 10th August, 1.30pm

    When: Saturday 10th Time: 1.30pm Directions: With the nights fair drawing in :shock: it's time for the 2nd annual Pitmedden BBQ. BTW, Pitmedden is superb right now. Dry, dusty and the midges don't seem too bad either.
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    Welcome our new DAECs - keithyr and gmac123

    I'm very pleased to announce that keithyr and gmac123 have graciously agreed to act as DAECs and help fill the gap left by Kaiser and The Ken. They've both actively been pushing and organising rides for some time now, so it was only logical to promote them to positions of great power :wink...
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    X-Lite, Flite, Ritchey Vector Wing

    Blue X-Lite XC bars, 620mm. Good condition, but not garage queen material - most of the marks are around the control areas of either end of the bars, plus where the clamp has been. £20 posted. Blue X-Lite Skewers, were NOS till I fitted them, but never ridden. Bought these recently, but...
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    Glentress 6th Annual Meet: Sunday 9th June

    Where: Glentress When: Sunday, 9th June, 10am The ride that birthed the ugly red-haired stepchild that is Macretro... look at them youngsters, and remember kids, beards never go out of fashion... Emphasis is on fun, so expect mince a plenty at the free ride park. Probably an ideal first...
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    CK Headset, 1 1/8th & Salsa Skewers & Clamp, Green *SOLD*

    Full CK headset, 1 1/8th, green including crown race. Bought new in 2010, fitted to my Sirius Pipedream. Usual marks from fitting/removal. Wear mark on upper cup from brake cable - see last picture. Bearings excellent. SOLD. £60 posted. Salsa Flip off skewers, green. Front is excellent...