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    For Sale *Price Drop* FS - Mavic Crossmax original 26"

    where abouts are you based?
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    Another Kona Hei Hei - build #1p7 #2p9 ++

    Decided to try the ti Watson Cycles bars from @velofrog I’ve been holding on till I sort a 1x drivetrain, figured I’d give them a spin now anyway… They’re great! Good hand position and feel. Not wide by modern standards, but for me they do feel it - got to be careful on gate posts!! I def do...
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    Wanted Colnago CT1 CT2 titanio

    So beautiful, but I’m after something not too precious to ride! Thanks anyway. B
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    93 Kona Kileaua build

    that looks very nice, well done!
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    Matttymm feedback

    great purchase of some flat pedals from Matt. cheers 👍🏼
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    Wanted Colnago CT1 CT2 titanio

    Still looking…
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    Wanted Colnago CT1 CT2 titanio

    Hi. Looks interesting, might be a touch big on first glance. Do you have any more details you can PM me? Cheers. Ben
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    Wanted Colnago CT1 CT2 titanio

    Been on and off this for a while, but might as well give it another go… After a good condition, later Colnago titanium, CT1, CT2… approx 54cm, frame or full bike. Ideally, the unpainted, yellow flag model CT1…. Let me know if you have anything. Cheers. B
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    Wanted LH brakelever 22.2mm clamp cantilever/ caliper

    I think I'm in need of a lefthand brake lever with 22.2mm clamp to pull a road-caliper brake on my commuter. Ideally silver blade, black clamp. Long-ish ie. not 2 finger silliness. Good. Cheap. Neat. Or at least two of those... Cheers. BP
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    Sold Paul Love Levers (V brakes)

    Must resist temptation…. 😬
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    1997 Saracen Kili Team (the green machine!) completed 290322

    So nice. Love this era Saracen, the forks, the wishbone! Def go xt, will be a beaut.
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    Wanted White industries or Raceface crankset

    Hi snowy, thanks for the message. Beaut of a set-up there! Yeh I’ve kind of stepped away from the search now really, still eyes peeled for a super cheap set of WI crank arms but it’s for a budget build this time so these way too nice/ expensive I’m sure. Thanks again though. B
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    Another Kona Hei Hei - build #1p7 #2p9 ++

    Mike, I’ve not yet. I was waiting for all the bits for the 1x11 to turn up (still searching for the mech and cassette) Then I’ll swap it out and add the bars… though after yesterday’s ride I was tempted to try them whilst I wait if I get some free time over Xmas… will keep you posted!
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    Another Kona Hei Hei - build #1p7 #2p9 ++

    Yes. Afraid Rich is right there, I need it to stop over being period correct!
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    Another Kona Hei Hei - build #1p7 #2p9 ++

    Got the tubeless sorted finally. Now even bloody better!!
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    Wanted Flat pedals

    Thanks mate, let me know which ones are yours… cheers. B
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    Wanted Flat pedals

    Hey mate. Thanks for the reply, will pass this time. After cheap and silver or black really. Thanks though.
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    Wanted XT/XTR 11speed

    Still looking for an 11spd cassette and rear mech. XT/XTR please…
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    Wanted Flat pedals

    I have a tenner, what’s the best pair of flat pedals you’d swap me for it??