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    AMP disc brake conversion kits available

    Several years ago I made up kits to convert non IS AMP frames and forks to accept IS modern disk brakes. I had some more kits made up and have seven left. I was wrong when I thought the AMP owners had been saturated!! PM if interested Thanks more info available at an older post...
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    SOLD AMP Research B4 Mercedes Benz Police Mountain Bike F3

    SOLD This is an updated AMP Research B4 Mercedes Benz mountain bike. It is the Police model bike with the integrated rear rack. The bike has been upgraded and modernized, including the installation of an adapter kit I developed to run ISO disk brakes on these frames (I've supplied these kits...
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    Colnago C50 HP carbon road bike frameset SOLD

    SOLD This is a beautiful Colnago C50 HP road bike frameset + extras. It was recently removed from storage and has not seen many miles. The Art Decor paint is beautiful with only a few blemishes (see detailed pics). It comes with some rare (and expensive) Colnago items also detailed below...
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    Bike transport logistics L'Etape 2019

    Hi all, Any past L'Etape riders out there?? I'm looking for info related to the best methods of bike transport to and from Europe (I'm in US), specifically to France for the 2019 Etape. I'm very familiar with packing and shipping bikes to send to Europe...have sold many bikes to buyers...
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    Hooker Elite Cat 1

    This was my dream bike back in the late 90s... ... 4&_sacat=0 who could push a 185mm crank with 55T ring :shock:
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    what forks or frames need ISO disc brake adapter brackets??

    I recently had a machinist fab up ISO disc brake conversion brackets for AMP frames and forks. It was a fun project that benefited me and a lot of other folks with old AMP frames stuck with rare proprietary disc brake options. See the thread here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=390221 My question is are...
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    new bike chain wax lubricant AVAILABLE!

    Hi all, This is my first offering of a new bike chain lubricating wax that I have developed over the last 2 years. It is pre-market (officially), but I can offer it up to any interested in trying it out. I am still very interested in product feedback. It has received very good reviews from...
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    New chain lubricant product for sale!!!

    Hi all, This is my first offering of a new bike chain lubricating wax that I have developed over the last 2 years. It is pre-market (officially), but I can offer it up to any interested in trying it out. I am still very interested in product feedback. It has received very good reviews from...
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    Convert your AMP or Rock Shox disc brakes to IS !!

    I have recently developed a full kit (out of necessity) to convert proprietary AMP and Rock Shox disc brake forks and frames to standard IS mount. This means you can use modern disc brakes on your vintage rig! I coordinated a bulk order with many retroUK users and now have some kits remaining...
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    AMP Research D1 mountain bike hydraulic disc brakes RED

    SOLD SOLD Selling an AMP Research D1 mechanically actuated hydraulic disc brake system. Included are the front and rear AMP calipers and a complete wheelset (including the AMP 3 bolt rotors, bracket bolts, cable stops, cable boots, front cable housing guide, the rotor flange that holds the...
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    AMP coil shock rebuild procedure

    Anyone have a write up or pdf manual describing servicing/rebuild of an AMP rear oil dampened coil shock (from a B4)? Any special tools needed? Thanks
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    AMP disc brake caliper adapter to IS...FRONT and REAR

    Hi all, I am having a local machinist fab up some 6081 aluminum adapters to allow me to run IS calipers on my Mercedes AMP B4 frame and F3 forks (and ditch the AMP D1 caliper set up). I used the schematics posted by another member, AndrewdeKerf, back ion 2010 (see thread below)...
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    AMP D1 disc brake calipers. rebuildable?

    Hi. I have an AMP B4 with the D1 disc brakes on it. I'm selling it, b/c the calipers do not work, but would consider keeping it if I could get the brakes working. Anyone have any info on how these are rebuilt? I've see the PDF of the AMP manual, but it is not entirely helpful and I have no idea...
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    AMP Research B4 Mercedes Benz Mountain Bike F3 Medium

    This is a very cool AMP Research B4 Mercedes Benz mountain bike. It has the very cool AMP fork. Both the rear shock and fork compress and rebound well. I've seen the Police model bike with the integrated rear rack like this, but this is not branded as a Police bike. The paint is very nice all...
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    Early Kestrel 200sc SOLD

    SOLD All original 1989 Kestrel 200SC carbon road bike with an EMS Composite carbon fork. This bike was made in Santa Cruz, CA. Still looks fast and current even when next to brand new 2018 bikes...hard to believe it is almost 30yrs old. All components are original spec. The Shimano 600 group...
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    Wilier Triestina Super Leggera Ramata Cromovelato 1987 SOLD

    SOLD This is an exceptional Wilier Triestina Super Leggera Ramata road bicycle. It is in beautiful original condition with its original copper cromovelato finish. The bike is from ~1987. The copper lacquer over the fully chromed frame really shines. It is a stunning bike. The bike has been in...
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    what is this headset??

    what is this threaded headset and how do i get it off without a specific tool to regrease bearings? thanks.
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    rear brake caliper clearance issues HELP!!

    Hi all, question about my most recent lightweight steel build up. I found a sweet Taylor True Temper S3 frame and just finished swapping all my kit from my BMC onto it (Campy SR 11, Zipp 404, Enve 1.0 fork etc). I installed the calipers last, only to find that the clearance between the...
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    John Howard road frame (Dave Tesch-made) SOLD

    SOLD Selling my John Howard built by Dave Tesch. 54cm. c. 1984. This was the 19th bike he made for Howard (019 DT 54). Can come in various forms of completeness down to bare frame/fork. PM with interest. Has a semi metallic fade paint job likely by Bayliss. Many more pics available on request...
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    American Classic front hub axle spacer...HELP

    So one of my front axle spacers from my American Classic front hub has walked away. This is the aluminum spacer (usually black) that slides over the axle and provides a mounting point for the front fork. Without it I can't use the wheel! Anyone have an extra, or a cheap entire front hub, or a...