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  1. StevemOs

    Unknown large flange flip-flop

    It's of no real consequence but I'm interested... I'm taking on a restoration of an early 70's falcon in the coming weeks. I was thinking I'll go fixie/ss. To do this I am going to build up a flip-flop hub i have in my bits-box. This hub isn't one of mine, it's one of my dad's from the...
  2. StevemOs

    1984 Peugeot PH10 - Tribute to Bob/Pippa

    So I've just finished my first retro bike project, and thought I'd show the results. I know I've broken some authenticity rules, so head up retro-bike police. And I went rattle can for the fun of it. So here goes. I started cycling properly in 1984. And BITD there was really only one rider...
  3. StevemOs

    Help identifying bike- next project...

    Hi I've not even finished my current 1984 peugot project and my Dad is digging out other bikes from his barn. This is one we don't know the history of, and is a hotchpotch rebuild about 30 years ago from what was lying around The frame is 'unknown' and the parts are probably off a 1970's off...
  4. StevemOs

    What piece of kit would you buy?

    I have just started on a1984 PH10 Peugeot renovation, and I am interested to hear from some more seasoned retro enthusiasts. So assuming that as a long term cyclist and bike tinkered, I have the usual set of spanners, and Allen keys. And discounting obscure tools such as helicomatic hub...
  5. StevemOs

    Painting red and white Look pedals

    As part of my 1984 peugeot PH10 project I'm planning on using some look p66? Red and whites. However the white is pretty worn and dirty.. any advice / ideas on how to make them 'sparkle' to fit with respray/polish of the rest of the bike.. ?
  6. StevemOs

    Wanted MA2 or MA40 rim?

    Hi. I have recently taken on a restoration of a 1984 Peugeot PH10 which had been left in a barn for 20+ years. All going well but.. The rear wheel, with Maillard heliomatic hub(which won't budge), has a crack in the rim. The front also has some I am looking to build an MA2 onto a...