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  1. J

    Wanted dust cap for Mavic Cosmic first generation

    Anyone has or knows how to get one of these blue ?
  2. J

    new project: 1936 professional racing bike

    I was more a guy spending time with my loved Pinarellos from the 90's and doing some neo-retro stuff but some time ago I just began to feel attracted by older bikes and bits (let's say before the 70's) . I started to buy (can't say collect) just to have some purpose investigating and learning...
  3. J

    any info on SIMPLEX Gran Sport rear derailleur?

    Hi I just bough this piece because I was curious and to lear a little bit about, as I've never seen this Simplex derailleur but also cound't find any info on the net or in any catalog. Looks pretty similar to Record first type from late 50's and early 60's. Does anyone have any clue about it...
  4. J

    For Sale Pinarello neo-retro 90's aluminium

    Hi I'm selling my last neo-retro build after realizing I'm not riding it: Frame size 54, Pinarello aluminium (likely Ceramical 100 or Keral-lite). It's a rare frame Pinarello Banesto steel fork Campagnolo Record 11 speed shifters, rear and front derailleur Campagnolo Potenza 11 speed silver...
  5. J

    help with Carrera (Jeans-Tassoni team?) new project

    Originally attracted my attention by the (fake) pinerello decals but soon realized it's a nice Nivachrome lugged Carrera, with the rear triangle shaped ( "Sagomato" as an Italian would say:), so just bought it and here we are again thinking on the options .... It's been repainted and not many...
  6. J

    What is titanium in the Record 96+ "titanium" hubs ?

    This is a question I never had resolved myself. On the RD, bolts are clearly titanium , but speaking for the hubs, the axle to me looks aluminium, same as the body and the freehub... so is there any titanium on these hubs ??
  7. J

    Carrera podium metal head badge

    looking for one like this:
  8. J

    Pinarello aluminium-silver seatpost clamp

    looking for one similar to :
  9. J

    where to find caged ball bearings ?

    Hi Anyone can help me please to source cheap 3/16" x 20 caged ball bearings for my athena headset, like the pic (campagnolo ref. HS-OR006). Not looking for campagnolo original ones, I guess these should have standard spares ... Thanks
  10. J

    Athena 11 speed silver groupset

    Looking for bits of the last silver one with "compact" crankset / 172.5
  11. J

    Pinarello aluminium 1994 ?

    I promised not to buy more bikes but .... just bought this frame (not a full bike, so I'm ok;). I can be wrong but I believe it's the first aluminium frame made by Pinarello, with ORIA 7020 that some Banesto riders used already in 1994 uphill stages , before the better kwown 1995-6 Keral lite...
  12. J

    60's Cinelli Mod B Project

    Hi After some (long) time just making room , finally keeping just THE bike (a 1994 Pinarello Banesto - sorry but I had to mention it ;) I was tempted to start a new project when I could buy what seemed to be a Cinelli Mod B. So here I am again, hoping to be honour the forum with nice...
  13. J

    Campagnolo Record Titanium hubs

    I'm selling mines in VGC here: 250 euro. I believe are valid for 10 and 11 speed also , but not sure, I'll need to check...
  14. J

    Some of my Pinarello on ebay, auction started at 1 euro

    I'm selling a couple of Pinarello (Treviso GPX and Paris alu), and more things ...
  15. J

    Another one on Uniglide / Hyperglide cassettes

    I'm a little bit confused and before starting with the dremel I'd like if you can give me some advice please.... I have a Dura Ace uniglide hub ,and want to fit a hyperglide cassette. After reading a lot , my preferred option is to dremel some cogs of a hyperglide cassette so they fit in, and...
  16. J

    Campagnolo Record 9 speed Titanium groupset VGC

    Selling all the bits in the pic. Cranks are 175mm. Cassette has most of the cogs titanium and some steel. All is in very good condition, I can send pics. Only comment is I could not remove the pedals, and did not want to spend more time on this... I'm looking for 350 euro because it is in very...
  17. J

    Campagnolo Record 9 speed wheelset

    I'm selling a very nice pair (without cassette) on ebay. Offers welcomed. I'll soon post other components of the groupset.
  18. J

    Titanium Bottom Bracket 70x113 NOS

    looking for a lightweight Ti replacement for a DA 7400 italian BB. Needs to be NOS please. Thanks!
  19. J

    Bottom braket shell widht question

    I have an italian bike with a bb shell of 70mm and thinking to buy a titanium bottom bracket but designed for a 68mm shell. Do you think it will work ? Maybe not enough space for the lockring ?Thanks!
  20. J

    Cinelli Columbus Max

    This is the reason I need to make room at home and selling all my other bikes.... I' m really sorry for the campy lovers, but this will go with my almost nos DA7400 I've been collecting for many many months looking for this occasion. I could not find though any reference to this model . Has...