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  1. Smithjss70


    As noted, looking for a Avocet 02 Air 40 Titanium Saddle for a current build. Early thanks for any help locating one. I have a lot of vintage parts for trade or happy to buy outright. Cheers, Jason
  2. Smithjss70

    Wanted WTB Ringle Twister Seat Binder in 3DV

    Looking for a 3DV Ringle Twister Seat Binder in excellent condition. I have a lot of Ringle, Grafton, 26.8mm stuff and HyperLites for trade plus funds where applicable. Let me know! Thanks!
  3. Smithjss70

    Killer vintage and rare parts going on the bay

    I ship globally and winners expense based on location and shipping preference. User name is smithjss Lots of pristine 26.8mm Ringle Mobys & Answer HyperLites coming up later this week. ATACs, Ringle and other stems in 1", 1 1/4" & 1 1/8". Ringle hubs, some...
  4. Smithjss70

    Sorted WTB: Shimano XTR M900 Top Pull FD in 28.6

    As noted, looking for a nice condition M900 Top Pull FD in 28.6. Let me know what you may have. Thanks!
  5. Smithjss70

    Sorted WTB: Yeti/IRC For Racing Only Tires

    Looking for a set of Yeti/IRC For Racing Only Tires. NOS would be great but would be happy with a nice pair. Thanks! Jason
  6. Smithjss70

    Sorted WTB Ringle Moby in 3DV and 26.8mm

    As noted, looking for a nice post in 26.8mm and 3DV. Thanks, Jason
  7. Smithjss70

    Carbon Fiber Accu-Trax Fork

    Finally got around to installing my carbon fiber fork on my C-26 tribute bike. Tubes were from the same lot as the frame, so everything matches quite well. I still need to weigh it as it's surprisingly quite heavy, but expect it to come in around 27LBs /12.25KGs, so not exactly a weight...
  8. Smithjss70

    Go Fund Me for "legrandefromage"

    I'd like to assemble some funds for this humble member to acquire a bike that can get him outdoors more often. I've started a page here. ... campmgmt_w
  9. Smithjss70

    1989 Yeti C-26 Tribute Bike

    I've been working on this bike for a few years but never started a build thread. The project commenced when some CF tubes became available, so I commissioned two talented Swiss gents to build the frame. Thanks Stefan & Reto for all of your efforts. It started with a 89' FRO which was the...
  10. Smithjss70

    WTB: Vintage Etto helmet(s)

    Hi Looking for a couple vintage Etto helmets. Not too picky about color but prefer in good condition. Thanks!
  11. Smithjss70

    Technical Question - Bullseye Cranks

    Hello! I have an extra non-drive side Bullseye crank arm that has either been re-threaded incorrectly or possibly a factory faux pas. The issue is that the non-drive side crank arm is designed to slope away from the chain stay when installed in the correct orientation. However, the pedal...
  12. Smithjss70

    WTB: Odi Attack Grips (Purple)

    WTB a new pair of Odi Attacks in Purple. Let me know what you got. Thanks!
  13. Smithjss70

    "Auction Watch" tool is acting wonky"

    I'm not sure if it's on my end or a site issue but when I select a subject such as "Pace" the view is jacked up. Anyone else experiencing such?
  14. Smithjss70

    "Auction Watch" tool is acting wonky

    I'm not sure if it's on my end or a site issue but when I select a subject such as "Pace" the view is jacked up. Anyone else experiencing such?
  15. Smithjss70

    Walmart enters high end MTB market

    Probably of little value to the forum but I found it interesting. ... untain-m-1
  16. Smithjss70

    WTB: Sorted Delete

    As noted, I’m looking for a single 32H Sun Chinook rim in Dark Gray finish (not silver). Will buy a set if I have to. Thanks!
  17. Smithjss70

    WTB Shimano M732 Cassette

    Looking for a new or mint Shimano M732 cassette. Thanks
  18. Smithjss70


    Looking for one in excellent condition in 3DV (violet). Lots of Ringle and other things to trade or simply buy outright. Thanks
  19. Smithjss70

    WTB OR WTT: Seeking Araya RM20 Rims (Black)

    Hi I'm looking for one or two 32H. They need to be black as pictured (not the hard Anodized gray) and in mint or NOS condition. I have some laced to silver M730/732 XT hubs I can work as a trade and lots of NOS XT stuff here. Thanks!
  20. Smithjss70

    WTB: Ringle Top Cap in Turquoise 1 1/8"

    As stated. Need a top cap for a stem. Early thanks!