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  1. chambo34

    Modolo morphos hood replacements?

    I've had these on an old bike for years, I know they aren't widely loved but I've found them to be perfectly acceptable for a winter bike, I retired the bike a couple of years ago and decided to fit the shifters to a Raleigh Pioneer that I'm making into a 'new' winter bike...however the hoods...
  2. chambo34

    Cockpit-Eye-View shots only. Post them here!!

    Raleigh Montage
  3. chambo34

    When did it lose it for you.....

    Ahead sets...just why? I get 1 1 /8" may be stronger but that was do able with quills, also disliked V brakes they just look crap to my eye, never had any issues with well set up decent cantilever even up in the Peak District on very steep descents
  4. chambo34

    For Sale Bits and pieces

  5. chambo34

    For Sale Bits and pieces

    Will do.
  6. chambo34

    For Sale Bits and pieces

    I'll take the sakae stem if still available?
  7. chambo34

    Edison Cycles - Any links or tips on information

    Eddie and son hence Edison, top class machines, both worked at Carlton I believe, often the fork and rear seat/chainstays are finished in the Carlton open end way. Pretty sure all were built to order in house, they did TT, road, tourers, CX and MTB's I'm sure.
  8. chambo34

    UK import duty from the EU post 2021

    Problem with zero value or undervaluing is that if it gets lost you lose out. Prior to Brexit I regularly posted to EU countries, post Brexit it appears that 19% or so is being levied if importing from the EU or to the UK, trouble is its not even applied all the time. I sent a pair of shoes...
  9. chambo34

    New (to me) bike

    The hubs came off a 60s/70s Bob Jackson Road bike that was far too big and they were laced to tubular rims, they are light and VERY smooth, the bike will never see serious off road use so they'll be good for years to cone...probably see me out😆
  10. chambo34

    New (to me) bike

    Update on this, I've had the wheels rebuilt using the original Alesa wide section rims onto Omas 'big sliding'? hubs with db stainless spokes, still a fair bit more to do but I've pretty much all the kit ready, just waiting for the lighter nights so I can build it up in the evening sun shilst...
  11. chambo34

    For Sale Cat eye Mini computer

    arrived in good order, works well, many thanks.
  12. chambo34

    Wanted 6 speed freewheel wanted

    Has anyone got a 13/14 to 28/32 ish Freewheel, Suntour or Shimano, I'm having wheels rebuilt with new hubs and absolutely no way will the old freewheel come off.
  13. chambo34

    For Sale Cat eye Mini computer

    I'll take, it'll be great for my Raleigh Pioneer do everything winter bike.
  14. chambo34

    For Sale Cat eye Mini computer

    is it complete with all mounting hardware?
  15. chambo34

    Turbo trainer computer recommendations

    Hi I'm sorted now thanks but thanks for the offer.
  16. chambo34

    I made a cap for my thumbies!

    how do they not come off, I have a set of 7 speed Deore ones , one cap is loose and it looks like the four little pins are broken off.
  17. chambo34

    26" ride on a roadie ride?

    Done this a few times and all things being equal you will either be working harder to keep up or dropping back constantly , borrow a road bike.
  18. chambo34

    For Sale GT mountain bike circa mid 1990’s bike BRISTOL £25

    If you break it I'd be interested in the brake/shifters units IF they work OK.
  19. chambo34

    Sold Muddy fox roadrunner 1989 £80

    Excellent, if only it were a smaller frame and closer to me😢