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  1. Joe_Rides

    For Sale Tyres for Sale (psycho IIs, smoke and specialized crossroads) £40.

    EDIT: £40 for all tyres together + postage Tyres for Sale, all old now so expect possible cracks on the sidewalls and the rubber being less supple than it once was etc Tioga Psycho IIs (Pair) 26 x 1.95 £20 plus postage Good tread (one is slightly better than the other), logos are faded...
  2. Joe_Rides

    Anyone seen bike hangers like this?

    Apparently came out of a team truck of some sort. Look custom made, and like they are designed to run on a length of unistrut. I want to use them if I can but they're pretty cumbersome - I'm not even sure they are meant for the wall?! Could they have been sat on the floor so bikes could be...
  3. Joe_Rides

    For Sale Profile BOA stem - 1" - 100mm

    100mm length Not sure on rise - 15 degrees? For a 1" threadless steerer Bolts are a bit rusty etc, I would consider replacing them to tidy it up. £15 posted
  4. Joe_Rides

    Sold SOLD please remove. Thanks.

    44-32-22 175mm cranks BB included, bearings are smooth and I can't feel any play in it Chainrings are in great condition with loads of life left, pedal threads fine. Usual marks but nothing drastic Thinking £45 posted?
  5. Joe_Rides

    For Sale 1995 Scott Vantage - easy project - Bolton - now £65

    1995 (I think) Scott Vantage I bought it to break a while ago, as I fancied the groupset, but then that never happened and I've already got more bike parts than I need. Size is 20" (or 51cm centre of BB to top of seat tube clamp) Top tube 22" (or 56cm) centre to centre Some nice welding /...
  6. Joe_Rides

    Muddy Fox Pathfinder - £45 - Bolton Look ok.
  7. Joe_Rides

    Scott Vantage 2.0 95/96 - Seatpost Size?

    I own one of these, not entirely sure whether it's a Vantage 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 to be honest, although as it came with full LX i think its a 2.0. I measured the seatpost as 30.9, but having bought a 30.9 post this seems to tight - not far off, but i would need to force it in. I've had a look at...
  8. Joe_Rides

    Sealed catridge hub options (non-disk)

    Right, I am growing a little tired of fettling cup and cone bearings, especially on old worn out bearing races etc. What options do I have for 100 / 135mm hubs, non-disk? I'm too right for Royce. And Chris king. Hope? (I only ever see disk hubs, or really old ones prone to cracking) Hadley...
  9. Joe_Rides

    Townsend "Neon Rock" - £40 No sniggering! Thought it looked quite interesting. Tange sticker on the frame, 1000gs etc
  10. Joe_Rides

    Shimano XT BR-M750 V-Brake Query

    These silly 2mm allen key spring tension adjusters (part reference Y-8BW11000) One of mine is stripped, so I can't adjust it. Un-obtanium by the looks of things? If I manage to get it out, could it be replaced by a 'traditional' screw with a cross head? Cheers Joe
  11. Joe_Rides

    Dawes Special Edition

    Looks nice.
  12. Joe_Rides

    Raleigh M-TRAX - £20 - Wigan

    Some decent bits on it.
  13. Joe_Rides

    Diamondback Topanga - Tioga Psychos - looks mint - £70 Wigan Very tidy.
  14. Joe_Rides

    V-brake Boss / Bolt query

    I'm currently building up an Explosif which came with v-brake bosses as well as a disk tab (full disclosure, the bike is newer than 97). It's been ran with disks forever, and the original plastic covers were still on the v-brake boss. Having removed the covers and cleaned the bosses up, it's...
  15. Joe_Rides

    British Eagle - £45 - Rossendale

    Fairly low rent, but some decent bits for spares (DX rear mech etc), or a pub bike. Also - Shark Fin!
  16. Joe_Rides

    Dawes Edge £50 Oxford - Reynolds 653

    Cheap enough and LX components, but looks a bit rough.
  17. Joe_Rides

    Saracen Tufftrax £38 (Rochdale)
  18. Joe_Rides

    For Sale 1952 Holdsworth (Tornado?) plus upgrade parts

    With a heavy heart but clear mind, I am looking to sell this. Money will be going to a charity - I haven't chosen which yet, but probably Cancer Research or something like that. I 'inherited' it in 2018 when a family member passed away, and had intentions of restoring it. But, as most of us...
  19. Joe_Rides

    DBR Axis £70 - Rossendale

    Probably just on the cusp of being in the >1998 section? Apologies if it's later. Looks pretty original (other than the rear mech, tyres and saddle)
  20. Joe_Rides

    For Sale 26" Disk only wheels (Sun DS2-XC)

    Sun Rims DS2-XC - 26" disk only Shimano Hubs M525 Matching pair Freehub fine Both True Bearings feel good - very slight grittiness to front wheel - re-grease recommended if you're bothered. A couple of the stickers have peeled etc I bought these on a bike recently but i'm going back to...