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    20mm through axle to 9mm QR adaptors?

    Hello all, A couple of years ago I obtained a lovely set of Ritchey disc xc wheels from this site. Wheels are still going strong but they are 20mm through axle and I have a possible need to fit to a different bike/fork running a 9mm QR. I see 15mm axle adaptors but confused over the...
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    Lightweight V brake set

    Hi all, Coming to the end of a build and wanted to see if anyone has a lightweight set of V brakes and matching levers out there they would part with? Must be black Must be lightweight Can be used of course as long as in decent condition. Mark
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    Ritchey WCS 1 1/8" ahead headset found!!

    Hi there, Anyone got a Ritchey WCS 1 1/8" headset (threadless) they can part with? Mark
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    26" disc wheels required / wheels found!

    Hi there, In need of a set of 26" disc wheels. Preferably black but could be persuaded by some bling maybe. 100 and 135mm QR spacing. Prefer 6 bolt disc mount but would have centrelock if I could obtain adaptor OK. Not after a project pair, just decent nick with plenty of life left in them...
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    Klein Adept / Fisher Sugar / Early Trek Fuel pivot parts

    Hi everyone, So recently acquired a 2003 Klein Adept which requires pretty much all the pivot parts replaced. I've done an RB & interweb search and found pivot sleeve and top hats but really need a full set if I can. Before I contact Trek to ask if any exist in the warehouse I wanted to ask...
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    Extralite and KCNC V-Brakes

    Hi there, Before potentially opening up the wallet has anyone got these or had them before that could rate them for me in terms of performance and longevity? Welcome all feedback.... Mark
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    Hadleigh Park Vs Klein Vs Man

    Evening all, Decided to take a day off work and drive over to Hadleigh Park which was the Olympic venue for MTB. Sun came out and was pleasantly surprised by the course - ended up riding around for a good couple of hours the ensure all the tracks were ridden on. Some of the black runs were...
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    26" Rim brake high end Wheelset wanted

    Hi there, Thinking of treating myself for no apparent reason :D In need of 26" non disc high end wheelset for my steed. Not looking for Spinergy or Spin but Hope, Mavic, CK or Tune for example. looking for a nice lightweight set (currently running Mavic crossride so looking for lighter than...
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    Klein MC3 stem wanted

    I know they are a bit like rocking horse sh?t but does anyone have or know anybody else that has an MC3 stem going spare? Currently running an MC2 120mm but really need to get some rise to aid my back. Don't really want to fit reducers and change the fork to 1 1/8 if I can help it. Mark
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    8mm bosses

    Ian sorted me out with some nice 8mm bosses right over Christmas week. Totally top bloke :D Would thoroughly reccommend Ian for any supplies anyone needs. Mark