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    Sold Klein Paint Job for 'Sale'

    Over the past few years, I have resprayed a number of Klein frames and can now reproduce the iconic Klein neon fades. I want to continue build my experience and add to my portfolio of examples. I am offering a paint job for the cost of materials and paint only - my time will be free! The...

    1994 Klein Attitude

    Hi All, Just finished my dream build... a 1994 Klein Attitude with Spinergy Rev X Roks wheels, period correct XTR group set and Topline cranks (ignore the tires and pedals, they are just temporary). Picked it a couple of years ago (minus the wheels - I already had those kicking around the...

    Klein 1996 Quantum II

    Just finished this Klein 1996 Quantum II restomod. I wanted a ‘cafe’ bike for easy social rides. Having fallen in love with Klein bikes 20 odd years ago, there was only one choice... a Quantum of some description. Bought the frame and original folks off eBay. Had the usual range of chips and...