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    Wanted XTR M900 'Bottom-Pull' FD in 34.9

    Hi All, As the 'Wanted' title says, I'm searching for an XTR M900 'Bottom-Pull' FD in 34.9. Anyone have something? Thanks!
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    Wanted SRP Chainring Bolts - Black or Silver

    Hi All! Anyone have any they are wanting to part with? Aluminum or Ti ... I'm open to whatever! Thank You!
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    Wanted Syncros PowerLite's ... 1-1/8"

    Hi! LONG SHOT, But does anyone have any that they are willing to part with? Please let me know! ON, CANADA! Thank You!
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    Wanted Syncros PowerLite's ... 1-1/8"

    Hi All, It's a longshot as it has been described out there/here ... Does anyone have any PowerLite's that they are wanting to offload? Thanks!