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  1. Double-E F

    Head tube reducers

    Hi all, Would you expect that using heat tube reducers (1 1/4" > 1 1/8") affects (positively or negatively) the chances of that head tube cracking, let's say for a '94 Yeti ARC that is not ridden vigorously? Cheers!
  2. Double-E F

    For Sale Loads of Shimano with a bit of Onza

    Spring is coming, so time to clean out the cave! Up for sale are the following bits. All in -at least- good condition and fully functional, some could do with a cleaning. Prices do not include postage, PP preferred. 2x XT rd-m737 - 19 EUR each *1 SOLD, 1 LEFT * 2x XT rd-m739 - 19 EUR each XT...
  3. Double-E F

    Yeti ARC on Dutch Marktplaats
  4. Double-E F

    Replacement O-ring for CK HS?

    Hi, While cleaning the top part of a CK NoThread set today, the O-ring snapped: anyone know of a replacement for this particular part..? Cheers!
  5. Double-E F

    The Gun headtube badge?

    Does this ring a bell for someone on here? Any input is appreciated :)!
  6. Double-E F

    Wanted 1 1/4" ahead stem (ATac)

    Looking for an ahead stem in 1 1/4", such as an ATac, preferably turquoise or silver, black considered, 100-120mm and decals intact. WHY?
  7. Double-E F

    For Sale Anlen Ariel frameset

    Up for sale is this steel Anlen Ariel frameset. Has clearly been used, but in good condition. 47cm c-t seat tube 56.5cm c-c top tube 1 1/8" head tube 27.0 seat post size 49EUR posted to EU/UK, pick up welcome. Let me know if you have questions! :D
  8. Double-E F

    For Sale Do you like pink? Or better yet RAL4003? Forks and stem 1"

    Up for sale is this forks and stem combo in 1" quill flavor. Forks have 148mm steerer, of which 55mm threaded, stem is 130mm and has a cable guide. Eyelets present. Nice thing is that both forks and stem were recently powdercoated in vibrant RAL4003, an eye-catching color 8)! There is some dirt...
  9. Double-E F

    1994 Yeti ARC AS on

    :cool: Yeti ARC AS And a Klein from the same seller: Klein As well as a Zaskar :): Zaskar
  10. Double-E F

    Sold 1995 Gazelle Titanium Pro ATB frame 20"

    Up for sale is a 1995 Gazelle Ti Pro ATB frame 20" (seat tube c-t): 1 1/8" head tube diameter. Unsure of seat tube diameter; shim to 27.0 will be included. Lovely wishbone seat stay. Overall in very nice condition, paint and decal-wise. Lacking the tool...
  11. Double-E F

    Sold Grey Magura HS33

    Up for sale: Grey Magura HS33 Front brake works fine, 45cm brake line. Rear brake needs some work as it is leaking at the moment, 115cm brake line. Boosters a bit grubby, some paint coming off. Levers dated 98/99. 35 EUR plus postage Let me know if you have any questions! :)
  12. Double-E F

    For Sale Wheels: black Deore LX on Mavic 237 gold

    Hi, For sale is this nice set of wheels: Deore LX m563/m565 32h hubs on Mavic 237 gold rims. Wheels are true and run smoothly. All decals in nice condition. Only thing is two small dents (actually one small and one tiny) in the rear rim, see picture: 39 EUR plus actual postage at cost...
  13. Double-E F

    Magura HS33 Race-line

    Today's score: a fresh set of fluoro yellow Magura HS33 Race-line 8)
  14. Double-E F

    130mm hub in 135mm frame?

    Hi, It's probably been discussed before, but is it bad/unwise to fit a rear wheel with a 130 mm axis in a steel 135 mm frame..? And what about the other way round? Thanks, have a good Sunday!
  15. Double-E F

    Anlen Ariel - project for the missus

    Picked this up today. Apparently, it's Tange Cr-Mo and looks to be in relatively good shape. It has a mishmash of parts hung onto it: stx-rc 3x7 shifters, deore dx front mech, deore xt rear and some very decent platform pedals :). Deore dx wheels on Araya RM-20 rims and a pair of crackin'...
  16. Double-E F

    Wanted Shimano 3x8 shifter pods

    Fully functional, please. Prefer swaps, if possible. Let me know what ya got..! Thanks :)
  17. Double-E F

    Withdrawn Banesto bottle

    Hi, This came on a mountainbike (from 1995) I bought yesterday. I have no use for it, so if anyone on here is interested, I can send it for postage only. Otherwise, I'll bin it. Looks like it has been in a cage, but hasn't seen much use: still smells 'new', if you know what I mean...
  18. Double-E F

    Back in time.. 1995 GT Avalanche

    Back in the very early nineties, I was introduced into mountainbiking by my cousins that live in the southern (most 'hilly') part of the Netherlands, Limburg. After riding a Raleigh Amazon for a while (50 kgs, full Shimano 100GS!), I got some financial support from my late grandfather to...
  19. Double-E F

    Stubborn double chainring bolt removal

    Hi, Bet this has been asked before, but what's the trick to remove stubborn double chainring bolts that keep turning..? Thanks in advance! :D
  20. Double-E F

    1986 (?) Tech Nova Pro

    Picked this up today: went to get it by foot and rode it back home (after inflating the tyres) :D: A Tech Nova Pro (not sure of the year yet..) Tange Infinity tubing, Tange MTB forks and a mix of early (LB, LC: 1987?) 6sp Shimano components. Let's see if I can get it into a slightly...