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  1. idrisrugby

    Orange P7 New Project

    So.... I've been after a new project for a while now but couldn't decide between a Stumpjumper, Exposif, Zaskar or a P7. Then this really neglected 2004 P7 popped up on Gumtree for a steal at £80, project decided!! At least I think it's the 2004, any ideas? It's in a bad way, rear mech is in...
  2. idrisrugby

    For Sale Hope Pro 2 End Caps

    Managed to pick up some Hope Pro 2 wheels over the weekend and am in the process of converting the hubs to QR. As I'm going QR, the through axle adapter caps are now for sale, they are: Front is HUB420 for a 20mm through axle (also fits Pro 2 EVO and Pro 4) complete with the Circlips. As new...
  3. idrisrugby

    Wanted Rear Hope XC Hub or Wheel

    Picked up a bargain Hope XC front wheel today in red. After matching hub (32 hole) or wheel to build up. Ideally hub red to match. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  4. idrisrugby

    Sold Hope Enduro Headset

    Evening all, For sale is my used Hope Enduro headset. It's for a 1 and 1/8th straight steerer. Bearings in great condition, they're the angled roller bearings. £40 including postage within mainland UK only sorry
  5. idrisrugby

    Rock Lobster 853 Review 1998

    Hi All, I'm looking for a scan of a review of the above bike which I think appeared in MBUK or likewise in 1998 I think. I bought one of these after reading the review and loved every minute of having it. I'm also after any Merlin Cycles adverts from the same period that featured the RL 853 if...
  6. idrisrugby

    Sold SOLD GT XCR-5 I-Drive Medium 18 inch

    For Sale: My beautiful GT XCR-5 I-Drive mountain bike. 18 inch (medium) frame. I built this bike at the start of the last lockdown (May 2020) but have hardly used it as can't get the time to go on it, plus had a new bike last October (2020). Bike has done less that 50 miles since being...
  7. idrisrugby

    XT Derailleur, stems and headset

    Few bits and pieces for sale that have been taken off my bikes and replaced. Shimano XT M8000 11 Speed rear derailleur, great condition - £50 SOLD Truvativ Husselfelt Downhill Stem, 40mm length for a 31.8mm handlebar - £20 - SOLD Specialized rises Stem, 70mm length for a 31.8mm handlebar -...
  8. idrisrugby

    Hope Mono Lever Issue

    Hi all, Went out to the shed yesterday after not using my bike for about a month, been using my other one. Take a look at the pics, noticed a build up of this gunk around the pivot point on the levers. Can't understand why there would be gunk build up, it's a slightly crystallised...
  9. idrisrugby

    New Rock Lobster Project

    So picked this up yesterday, can't decide what to do so thoughts guys.... Do I go full strip, paint and rebuild or just new cables, fork service and ride? Paint in very good condition and all parts seem clean and tidy, just needs a grease and tune. Or.... Full on rebuild?
  10. idrisrugby

    SOLD- Specialized Hardrock 17" Full Bike

    For Sale: Specialized Hardrock Mountain bike 17" frame to suit someone 5'6 to 6" This bike has been literally stripped to bare frame with every part rebuilt (see pic) Its been cleaned, regreased and rebuilt with brand new cables for gears and brakes with everything tuned in ready to go...
  11. idrisrugby

    Rebuilt 2002 Rock Lobster 853

    I've just spent 4 days here and there rebuilding my dream machine and I'm over the moon with the results. I started with an 853 in 1998, purchasing from Merlin Cycles, best bike I ever owned and hated selling it in 2008 to raise money for a motorbike. Anyway, fast forward to 2015 and I bought...
  12. idrisrugby

    Rock Lobster 2000 onwards

    Hi all, I'm after a Rock Lobster bike post 2000, medium size (17 inch). Would prefer Tig Team 853 but Ti or Al is ok too. Either full bike (preferable) or frame on it's own. Thanks
  13. idrisrugby

    Wanted: Rock Lobster 853 1998-2002 ish

    Hi All, Im after a replacement for my beloved Rock Lobster TIG 853 that I stupidly sold a few years back to buy a motorbike (worst mistake I ever made). If anyone has or knows of one for sale, either a frame or a complete bike, please get back to me. I have cash waiting and need to get back...
  14. idrisrugby

    Rock Lobster 17" Frame/Bike

    Hi all, I'm after a retro Rock Lobster 17" circa late 90s, early 00s. Either Tig 853 or Sl is fine. I'm after either the frame or a complete bike. Had one of these a few years back and sold it to fund a motorbike, what's wrong with me!! Miss it like hell and want another one. Thanks