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  1. mikee

    Glad to see

    Evening people glad to see the mighty retrobike is still going , not only that but thriving ( for a forum in these days ) now I’m retired I hope to have some time to access the shed of dread and share the shit ( quality items ) I have stored within with you I may even pedal a few of them too mike
  2. mikee

    1987 Fat Chance

    I have this , a wicked , but not really up on fat bikes I’ll need to see where it is these days ( in storage , but not sure where )
  3. mikee

    1987 Fat Chance

    Is it a wicked ?
  4. mikee

    Mystery e-stay frame - any ideas??

    Scott super evo for comparison
  5. mikee

    93/94 GT RTS-2 Replica of my 94/95 race bike - BOTM Oct 2020

    Re: Nice build Hope to start one when the frame returns from the welders Mike
  6. mikee

    Rob Mac's Birthday bimble - 21st May

    IT was him dad , I saw him
  7. mikee

    Recommend me a toaster............. really.

    A KTM one , it's like their bikes unreliable BUT ITS FCKIN ORANGE HTH
  8. mikee

    Rob Mac's Birthday bimble - 21st May

    I'd put some pics up , but fudbucket is being a , err Fudd and me iPads got Alzheimer's An entertaining day guys , we met up at the wee carpark at portmoak , 5 of us turned up for the robmacretro memorial run , just as well really as the wee carpark at portmoak was just that , wee , dads got a...
  9. mikee

    Rob Mac's Birthday bimble - 21st May

    29ers then
  10. mikee

    Complete rebuild of 1990's MTB to 2016 XT spec 1x10

    lol what a completely pointless exercise , love it carry on mike
  11. mikee


    Whatcha farker Mike
  12. mikee

    Estay identity

    The Carrera version was built by / for Saracen That's the Apollo level of frame and not the same Mike
  13. mikee

    Estay identity

    Re: In that colour Chris it might be a lew ways or a Pacific Lew ways were sold thru grattans or great universal catalogs years ago They are better than you'd think to ride , bit heavy tho Mike
  14. mikee

    Winter Project: Raleigh Activator 2

    GENERALIZED STUMPPULLER Classic , consider that stolen , brilliant Mike
  15. mikee

    New mystery build! Yes, it's a ZASKAR!

    Re: New mystery build! Spot on ant Taped together bog roll and turkey foil tubes methinks Mike
  16. mikee

    Captain Kirk’s Mag Revolution.. Part II (pg5 back for more)

    Re: Captain Kirk’s Mg Revolution...ended with a crack ! liking your tenacity with this I think I need to buy one before they reach a million Mike
  17. mikee

    New mystery build! Yes, it's a ZASKAR!

    Re: Is it a ( 14" race ) zaskar , in red black and grey ? Get on with it then Mike
  18. mikee

    NOS bits dilemma

    Re: Bolt them on somthing and un-nos them Set them free Mike
  19. mikee

    "It's further than you think"

    He's been doing it for years , hence the hope sponsorship , did megavalanche a few years ago regular at the strath puffer ( second place a couple of years ago ) too Mike
  20. mikee

    100 best vintage mountain bikes

    Re: Was gonna say that's Chris's cro-mega No 97 rockhopper in that list :D Mike