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  1. Joe_Rides Edwardian hotrod speed machine!

    This is a really cool build, more photos please!! VSCC - vintage sports-car club possibly?
  2. Joe_Rides

    For Sale Tyres for Sale (psycho IIs, smoke and specialized crossroads) £40.

    I've listed these on Ebay for £40 as a job lot. If anyone want's them for the same on here that's fine. Postage would be additional.
  3. Joe_Rides

    For Sale Tyres for Sale (psycho IIs, smoke and specialized crossroads) £40.

    Just to add, collection much preferred, postage no problem but I'll need a few days to find boxes etc. Cheers
  4. Joe_Rides

    For Sale Tyres for Sale (psycho IIs, smoke and specialized crossroads) £40.

    Panaracer Smoke II (single) 26 x 2.10 Not bad nick £10 plus postage
  5. Joe_Rides

    For Sale Tyres for Sale (psycho IIs, smoke and specialized crossroads) £40.

    EDIT: £40 for all tyres together + postage Tyres for Sale, all old now so expect possible cracks on the sidewalls and the rubber being less supple than it once was etc Tioga Psycho IIs (Pair) 26 x 1.95 £20 plus postage Good tread (one is slightly better than the other), logos are faded...
  6. Joe_Rides

    1980s Retro BMX Pictures

    Brill photos and nostalgia, technically over a decade earlier than my childhood, but still recognisable. Lovely times before mobile phones and internet, riding everywhere / anywhere all day, building jumps, exploring demolished buildings etc, home in time for tea. Quite amusing that its...
  7. Joe_Rides

    Anyone seen bike hangers like this?

    Apparently came out of a team truck of some sort. Look custom made, and like they are designed to run on a length of unistrut. I want to use them if I can but they're pretty cumbersome - I'm not even sure they are meant for the wall?! Could they have been sat on the floor so bikes could be...
  8. Joe_Rides

    Today's Ride

    Yeh, parking is fairly abundant. There are 2 car parks, we parked in the largest "Gisburn Hub" one adjacent to the Cafe, and the start of the trails, but there is another one a couple of 100 yards back which is also connected to the trail.
  9. Joe_Rides

    Leverage suggestions for tricky crank/bb

    Tried tightening first?
  10. Joe_Rides

    Today's Ride

    Another beautiful day today so me and a mate opted for an early drive up to Gisburn forest (trail centre). Was mega peaceful - just birdsong - and the trails were running bone dry and fast; hard going on a hardtail down the black runs but I've still got the skills ;). I forget how much I love...
  11. Joe_Rides

    Today's Ride

    :LOL: Well spotted
  12. Joe_Rides

    Today's Ride

    Starting this year I decided to drop down to 4 days a week in order to spend more time with my daughter. Although we have had plenty of nice days during Jan - Apr, today was probably the first day "as envisaged" eg, out on the bike, sunshine, lovely and peaceful (noone around as weekday) and...
  13. Joe_Rides

    Early S&G Muddy Fox Bolton

    Totally missed this despite it being the same bloody postcode! Typical
  14. Joe_Rides

    For Sale Profile BOA stem - 1" - 100mm

    100mm length Not sure on rise - 15 degrees? For a 1" threadless steerer Bolts are a bit rusty etc, I would consider replacing them to tidy it up. £15 posted
  15. Joe_Rides

    For Sale Raceface Ride XC crankset & BB - £45 posted.

    44-32-22 175mm cranks BB included, bearings are smooth and I can't feel any play in it Chainrings are in great condition with loads of life left, pedal threads fine. Usual marks but nothing drastic Thinking £45 posted?
  16. Joe_Rides

    Wrist watch and timepiece discussion thread

    Not into watches and only tend to wear one for work (when not working, I don't like being confined by time :LOL:), but I'm fond of this for its reliability and simplicity.
  17. Joe_Rides

    Wanted Thomson elite stem

    I think you're right yes, just been and had a look. I'm getting mixed up with a 25.4 version I have. Photo of the 31.8 stem
  18. Joe_Rides

    For Sale 1995 Scott Vantage - easy project - Bolton - now £65

    Bump Ebay bound this week, price reduced.
  19. Joe_Rides

    Wanted Thomson elite stem

    I've got a 90mm one in black, but the clamp is 31.8 rather than 25.4 Think it's 10 or 15 degrees rise. Let me know if you would like some photos.