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  1. cycletothesea

    Falcon Black Diamond - rebuilt

    Got this Falcon (Black Diamond) a few months ago in fairly good order, but couldn't resist stripping it right back and rebuilding to my own fancy and using up some components I've had hanging for a while. Some nice high-flange Pellisier hubs, bit of Shimano Arabesque and polishing up the...
  2. cycletothesea

    Red Rockhopper Comp '97

    Just finished rescuing this Specialized Rockhopper Comp in a fetching deep red colour, not seen another in this colour anywhere else? The metallic red really pings. I had the Deore LX shifters from a previous strip, and they look great but not really impressed with their function, might have to...
  3. cycletothesea

    Hunting for 26" tan wall tyres

    Where the heck can I get 26" tan wall tyres, can't find them anywhere these days, everything's gone to 29". Anybody have any for sale, either new or in really good condition? Not too fat - about 2".
  4. cycletothesea

    '98 Specialized Rockhopper - broken and cloned

    Had a much loved '98 Specialized Rockhopper that was a fantastic bike, loved it. Unfortunately made the error of stripping it and servicing it, at which point I found the seat stem to be utterly and hopelessly seized (tried everything except alien acid) and also the bottom bracket to be...
  5. cycletothesea

    Specialized Rockhopper year?

    Hi Folks, I have this Specialized Rockhopper that I'm puzzled over. I also have a Red Rockhopper Comp with exactly the same general look and feel. However, ALL the old catalogues and Google searches I've looked at have the 'Rockhopper' decal on the down tube and the 'Specialized' decal on the...
  6. cycletothesea

    New bike day - Carlton TEN - resprayed/rebuilt

    My recently resprayed and rebuilt Carlton TEN, bought this last year (last picture below), and had it resprayed by Dave Colbeck who did a gorgeous copper orange paint job over a silver base. Really pleased with the colours, and added a bit of 'barbershop-ing' on the seat-tube. Rebuild included...
  7. cycletothesea

    Which is the best 'green' degreaser for mucky parts?

    Going through loads of degreaser in small 250ml bottles. It gets bloody expensive and I'm a compulsive cleaner & restorer of very grimy components. Does anybody have some recommendations for the absolute best degreaser - needs to be green, powerful, available in the UK, at least 1 litre and...
  8. cycletothesea

    Deore Cantilevers too high for my 26" rims?

    I have some nice Shimano Deore Cantilevers (the vertical type) and I'm fitting them to a Dawes Ranger with 26" Shimano Deore wheelset. But even when I push the brake assembly down to the lowest point on the fitting the brake pads have to be angled 'downwards' at 30˚ to hit the rim and avoid the...
  9. cycletothesea

    Picture resizing is a total pain!

    Is there an app for resizing pictures to a size that RetroBike will accept. Opening, resizing and saving a dozen pics and hoping they will load is just too bloody long-winded. The picture uploader tool itself is like something out of the 1980s.
  10. cycletothesea

    Classic steel MTB frame/fork wanted - small

    Looking for a classic looking frame/fork (rigid - NOT sus) set for my wife to use. Doesn't need to be beautiful paintwork etc, but must be structurally sound with good threads. Small size needed - 16"/17" Something like a 90's Spez Rockhopper, Orange P7, Kona Kilauea etc. Classic lines. Just...
  11. cycletothesea

    Right length BB for TA cyclotouriste triple?

    Hopefully this is an easy to answer question. What is the right BB length (68mm shell) for a vintage TA cyclotouriste triple chainset - square taper? I know it depends on whether ISO or JIS etc. but was hoping just to attach it to a standard UN55 Shimano BB to make life simpler.
  12. cycletothesea

    Dawes Ranger - Respray & new build - FINISHED AT LAST

    Had my Dawes Ranger resprayed with new decals in a nice shade of flam blue by Rourke Cycles. They did a cracking job, really pleased with it. Just a bit bling but not too over the top. Really looking forward to putting some kit on it now. Will be a relatively slow build, finding the right parts...
  13. cycletothesea

    8 speed shifter compatibility with vintage dura ace

    I have a lovely Pinarello with a 7400 dura ace groupset, however the shifters recently gave up working properly. Rather than buying some more expensive Dura Ace downtube shifters, I tried to fit some more modern SL-R400 shimano 8 speed shifters. Trouble is, I can't get them to index properly...
  14. cycletothesea

    Very early MTB frame wanted, any condition

    Something along the lines of a Dawes Ranger, 1st Gen Stumpjumper etc. Long wheelbase, extreme angles, probably really uncomfortable - flat top forks (not unicrown). Don't mind condition, as I'll be looking to strip and respray before rebuilding. Looking to pay UN-silly money, doesn't have to be...
  15. cycletothesea

    1986 Specialized Stumpjumper

    Picked this up recently. It's not the sport model (decal was added for decoration). But still looks smashing. I don't know how far from being 'authentic' it is though. Biopace rings, whitewall tyres etc.? Not that it really matters, but I'm just interested if anybody knows for sure. If I'm going...
  16. cycletothesea

    New Build - Carlton Cobra - FINISHED - new pics

    Been after a 22" Carlton Cobra for ages, found this in poor condition and purchased for £21. Stripped down and thrown away most of components apart from frame and a few other bits. Chemically stripped the whole frame, removing all decals and paint. Current state is after 5-6 metres of tin foil...
  17. cycletothesea

    My 1998 Specialized Rockhopper

    Recently acquired for a modest sum - about a third of the price of a BSO from the high street - something I can never quite get my head around! I think a bike like this is a work of art, a properly built, properly designed bike with great components and years and years of use ahead, unlike the...
  18. cycletothesea

    Orange P7 Touring edition

    Just logging a few pics of my recently finished Orange P7 converted to long-distance tourer. Built up from scratch, chemically stripped the frame, polished and then sourced new or old parts from eBay etc. As far as I can see these late 90's steel-framed, rigid MTBs tick every possible box for a...
  19. cycletothesea

    26" amberwall tyres wanted

    Anybody out there have a nice pair of 26" MTB amberwall tyres they can part with - must be in good condition, either 1.75, 1.9 or 2"
  20. cycletothesea

    My Holdsworth Super Mistral - finished

    Bit of a mongrel collection of components, stuff I had left and some choices to make about what worked and what didn't work. Wanted 700c wheels, but it's a 27" fork clearance, so the deep drop brake callipers are a compromise although they are brilliant stoppers. Since it was never going to be a...