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  1. jimihendrix

    Club Roost DH8 Rolling Chassis.

    DH8 24" wheels, Marzocchi Shiver forks. ... 1973876603?
  2. jimihendrix

    94 Zaskar Hot Rod/RetroMod

    Had this 16" Zaskar frame for a while, it's went through a few different guises in my custody. First built it with air/oil 60mm Z2 Bombers (sprayed gold to make them look like RockShocks :oops: ) but was never happy with them. Also used the earlier decals as i prefer the bold "ZASKAR LE"...
  3. jimihendrix

    Photobucket problems

    Anyone else use Photobucket ?, been having problems uploading pics (real PITA too as i have stuff to sell), had computer problems recently (still have), and the forum changed so i thought it was down to either of these, since found out Photobucket has started using longer URL's some forums dont...
  4. jimihendrix

    F.A.O Vale67

    Hi buddy, can you check your PM inbox, sent you a message yesterday regarding postage on the RTS frame. Cheers.
  5. jimihendrix

    Hope Mono 6 brakes ... 1063534074
  6. jimihendrix

    93 GT RTS Team/1 frame, 16" SOLD

    Had this frame for a while, bought it to replace my Zaskar as a main rider but has sat on the shelf, i've now fallen out of love with it, now needing money for bits for my Rover V8 engine build. Frame was sold to me as an RTS Team but main triangle is date stamped 06/93, been informed the Team...
  7. jimihendrix

    Hope Mono6 brakes

    A set of Hope Mono6's, rear caliper is marked Mono6 Ti, recent complete overhaul, Goodridge hose, gold Sintered pads, rebuilt master cylinders, new seals and top caps, 203mm rotors (two pairs), post mounting calipers with I.S brackets. All VGC ready to fit and use. £145 posted to UK...
  8. jimihendrix


    So i built this Klunker/Bomber/Cruiser bike a few years ago for fun, used a cheap Barracuda Tia frame, wanted it as simple and stripped as possible so used a drum brake on the front and a coaster on the rear, single speed too. Was ok for a while but got tired of it's limited use, suppose...
  9. jimihendrix


    Found this by accident last night (Dont Ask) LMAO :lol: In stitches at this too, "BOB", "BOB", "BOB", "BOB",....... :lol:
  10. jimihendrix

    Bike MOJO

    I think my Bike MOJO is at the lowest it's ever been :( , been cycling to work now and again but that's been it for ages, not bought any bits for a while, think it's a combination of shite weather and lack of money (spending spare cash on cars), loaned out my beloved GT Zaskar (my main rider...
  11. jimihendrix

    1998 Club Roost DH8, camo paint, 24" wheels.

    Had this beast for a while now, only used it properly once at Glentress, thought about selling it but i'd never build or own anything like it again so decided it's a keeper :) even if i dont have the skill or bottle to use it to it's full potential. Had a few problems recently with the brakes...
  12. jimihendrix

    RTS build, dithering, daydreaming, ummmming, aaaaaaing etc

    Been pondering the recently bought RTS frame, seems to be two routes i can take. Fastest and cheapest would be to strip the Zaskar, can use most of the bits off that, the RTS has no facility for canti's so will need V'brakes but thats no big deal, this is what i originaly planned when i...
  13. jimihendrix

    I want one of these, must resist, must resist, resist, resi

    Used to be into RC stuff, had a few touring cars, rally cars, Blitzer Beetle, Nitro Metro 6R4 etc. Stumbled onto these by accident, two makes of LR Defender but the Tamiya one looks really nice. Checked the prices though, basic kit is £270 (and as usual it does'nt stop there with upgrades...
  14. jimihendrix

    1988/89 ? Dawes Stratos

    Bought this recently off here (cheers Roly), my first road bike since i was 14 years old (now 41), back then it was a miles too big Peugeot. As bought the bike was sound but needed a clean and service, brakes were fine but i stripped and cleaned the gears and fitted new chain and cables, it...
  15. jimihendrix

    Stunt riding on a Carbon road Bike.

    Probably been done before but first i've seen it :)
  16. jimihendrix

    Tripped and fell into the road forum.

    Wish i had'nt, found this for sale I'm in love, it's frikin lovely, my size, would'nt need to do a thing to it except maybe change the saddle for a black Flyte. Off to check the funds :)
  17. jimihendrix

    Chainreactioncycles voucher

    Another CRC voucher here if anyone wants it, save £10 if spending £75 in the next 14 days.
  18. jimihendrix

    92 GT Bravado nearly finished (P4).

    Takes me absolutely ages to build a bike :roll:, think i've been at this frame for about a year :oops:, nearly there now though, want to (WILL) get it riding for the end of the month for the Macretro ride at Dunkeld :) so will update this thread in the coming weeks. Loved my Zaskar for a...
  19. jimihendrix

    Blue anodized Canti's

    Dia Compe's or similar, just need a front pair but will buy a whole set if i must.
  20. jimihendrix

    Quick question, front mech clamp size ?

    On a 92 GT Bravado :)