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  1. DxMachina

    Anyone recall a floral/scale pattern green '90 Raleigh MTB?

    Thanks, but if all Raleigh Bombers had the distinctive curved top bar seen in Monkeyshred's recent Youtube rebuild, it wasn't one of those - had a straight top tube My understanding is that most bombers had fewer gears and riser instead of flat handlebars
  2. DxMachina

    Anyone recall a floral/scale pattern green '90 Raleigh MTB?

    Thanks - the first thing I searched was "lizard patterned Raleigh" when I decided I wanted to know what my old bike was so I've seen a lot of Lizards Assuming that all Raleigh Lizards were the same green-blue colourway theme with blank printed stencil-style labels and no pattern in the paint...
  3. DxMachina

    Anyone recall a floral/scale pattern green '90 Raleigh MTB?

    Hi all For a while I've been trying to remember my first MTB, which was a gift from my parents in (I think) 1990 but might have been a 1989 model. Can anyone help from this indistinct recollection of details? Things I am sure about - it was a Shimano 18-speed (3x6) and it was bought from...
  4. DxMachina

    Retro ebikes

    There's already an aftermarket battery rebuild scene for the first hybrid cars (Honda Insight Coupé - the battery pack can be rebuilt with NIMh D-cells !). Unless the bike battery is inside the frame I'm sure a rebuild could be done that would add capacity too
  5. DxMachina

    3, 4 & 5 Speed Sturmey Archer servicing

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but it was the best match for the search term... Does any member in the Home Counties have a facility to remove a ball-race (RH drive cup - the one with the notches) and willing to take on the job? I have a good wheel with a ruined Sturmey Archer AW hub stuck in...
  6. DxMachina

    ebay basket case?

    And because we really need a bike that's haunted by the person riding it when it got written off......
  7. DxMachina

    SIS front crankset replacement..(90s taper-axle hybrid bike)

    OK, thats a possibility I wasn't aware of. The only s/speed cranksets I'm familiar with are the type on my Triumph (per profile pic) - which is single-piece. So I can get a s/s crank with removable chainring, remove it from the crank spider and put a narrower chainring on?
  8. DxMachina

    SIS front crankset replacement..(90s taper-axle hybrid bike)

    Thanks. I've done some more looking at the 2 bikes now. While both have the same 5speed rear wheel and rear derailleur the front cranksets differ. The 10-speed has removable rings and chainset bolts. The 5 speed has a one piece crank-chainring (square taper), as you say above - so I need...
  9. DxMachina

    Best 26" Tyre for Road & Gravel

    Schwalbe Landcruisers are often available for about £12. Had them on my old BSA Westcoast years ago that was mainly used for road and towpaths, and they were a really good compromise. Had about 3 punctures in 4 years and could still pedal to about 20mph on level ground (heavy bike...)
  10. DxMachina

    SIS front crankset replacement..(90s taper-axle hybrid bike)

    Hiya Posting this here despite the bike pre-dating 1998 as I'm open to modern suggestions and not doing a classic restoration per se.... Recently purchased a pair of mint condition 1990s Raleigh Pioneer Classic hybrids after my wife expressed an interest in riding with me (she hadn't ridden...
  11. DxMachina

    North Road style cruiser handlebars, 25.4mm, black

    time to start modding the pair of Pioneer Classics I recently bought for my wifey and I - we both like more vintage appearance, and after doing a shameless backdating of an 80s Triumph as my singlespeed ride, I'm keen to backdate the already somewhat retro Pioneers. They currently have...
  12. DxMachina

    Great big Singlespeed thread!

    Here is the single-speed I built in 2011 using advice from this website and which until this month has been my sole bike. Raleigh frame branded Triumph. Date uncertain, it came to me with a broken saddle, 2 somewhat buckled steel wheels and a Sturmey-Archer three speed that only worked in...
  13. DxMachina

    Who has the most patches on their tubes then?

    Wow. I didn't know people still patch tubes. I've been running Slime tubes for so long - normally inside semi-protected tyres - that "just keep pumping until it holds pressure" has become a way of life, and I change tubes if I get a puncture I can't get to stay resealed. Although I need...
  14. DxMachina

    Pioneering spirits (Pair of 1990s Raleigh Pioneer Classics)

    HI all I was a member here ten or so years ago when I sought advice about rebuilding a 1980s Triumph 3-speed roadster for use as an everyday bike. I took the advice and followed it (singlespeed conversion, alloy wheels, Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres, slime in the inner tubes, modern bottom...
  15. DxMachina

    125mm / 126mm cartridge bottom brackets

    Thanks I had hoped that someone would point out an obscure supplier of high quality sealed B/Bs with nonstandard axle lengths. I think in the absence of that you certainly have the right solution....
  16. DxMachina

    125mm / 126mm cartridge bottom brackets

    interesting... I'll look into that Only obvious concern is I'd be restricting the degree to which the drive-side threads of the B/Bracket screwed into the B/B shell on the frame by at least 3mm... I know that on a standard B/B the pedalling tightens rather than loosens, but is this likely...
  17. DxMachina

    125mm / 126mm cartridge bottom brackets

    possibly you misunderstand The chainguard hangs from a bracket with a hole in it. The bottom bracket goes through that hole, sandwiching the chainguard mount between itself and the bicycle BB shell No amount of bending will make it any thinner therefore either the chainwheel will be too...
  18. DxMachina

    125mm / 126mm cartridge bottom brackets

    Oh certainly I could just remove the chainguard or make some sort of hanger bracket for it off the seatpost and remove the BB-mounted bracket. Chain replacement is even easier but in the end wasteful. The ideal solution should be to ensure a good chainline. I'd just like to find a...
  19. DxMachina

    125mm / 126mm cartridge bottom brackets

    Hi all I have a rebuilt 3-speed with a 127mm (Shim. UN54) b/bracket as per the recommendations for the replacement crankset (it came to me with caged bearings and loose cottered cranks) Its slightly out of chainline, as the bike has a chaincase that's held by being sandwiched between the...
  20. DxMachina

    Which cranks? Or neither?

    middleton - better colour match