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  1. Proto2000

    Kona fluted bars

    I just broke down a Kona Lava Dome I've had for a long time , have had a handful of Kona's over the years, and when I popped off the grips I was surprised to see that the bars are fluted. I have to assume that the bike is all original at the stage you see it. Was curious why so many bars were...
  2. Proto2000

    Fisher Super Caliber done

    Found the parts for this off of a Mongoose Rockadile of all places, bike was going to be another loop tail for the collection but after cleanup the headtube was cracked so now it's a wall hanger. Mostly M737 build, rebuilt Judy XC which suspends now, only post I had that fit the frame but it...
  3. Proto2000

    2 for 1

    Picked up a couple of bikes yesterday, 95 GF Supercaliper and a 94 Mongoose Rockadile, both in rough shape. Were similarly equipped with component group so a no brainer since Mongoose was all XT and GF was XT, LX mix. These are pics after tearing them down. Both bikes were in bad shape from...
  4. Proto2000

    Unappreciated workhorse Rocky Hammer

    This was a great find from Santa Cruz Ca 15 or so years ago. Had some Brahma bars on it that were quickly removed and replaced. This is the bike that Rocky Mountain priced for the masses for fun times in dirt. Not a light bike but was outfitted with good reliable parts. Most of the bike is...
  5. Proto2000

    Wanted Series 1 Syncros stem trade or buy

    Maybe a long shot but I have a few stems for trade or can buy what I need. Series 1 Syncros 1 1/8" quill type. I'm in California and willing to pay postage for your shipping and mine if that works out in a trade. Not sure how hard the Series 1 is to find since I never looked for one before. One...
  6. Proto2000

    96 or so Bontrager Race Lite

    Another long time owned bike. Looks a bit odd with the tall stem but it was for one of my kids when he was teens and didn't like standard MTB flat stems. Rare I think SID in correct Bontrager Crown and ever so hard to find Boone Ti chainrings, yes, all 3 of them. Cranks are a bit rare as well...
  7. Proto2000

    Overdressed Kona Lava Dome

    Ok, to start with, this was a frame/fork/stem purchase maybe 15-20 years ago. I bought a guy out of all of his gems (parts) that he had collected as an engineer at Specialized in Ca, not far from where I live. I built a lot of bikes for family and friends with those parts throughout the years...
  8. Proto2000

    Ibis Mojo

    My first real MTB and my fav. Bought from the racer who owned it, guy out of Palo Alto Ca, not far from me. My bikes before this were Raleigh's or Schwinn's, that level of bikes. Paint is original Team colors with the blue "teeth" which Team only had. Added street tires, riser bars and stem...
  9. Proto2000

    Ritchey P21

    One of my favorites with XTR build and Hugi Compact hubs. Is almost as nice as another bike I will post soon. Got this in early 2000 as frame and fork, seller didn't tell me there was a small ding in top tube but bought it anyway. Seat stays are very flexy so I added the brake booster to help out.
  10. Proto2000

    Ritchey Timberwolf

    This was my first attempt to build a retro bike back in the 90's. I have not updated it since it was put together so that's why it looks the way it does. At some point it will get a makeover with period correct parts. Was repainted when I got it and that is showing it's age too, maybe send it...
  11. Proto2000

    Paramount RS 60

    It is a Paramount so why I bought it, wife's bike when she was riding. Very nice condition as well with original parts less the tires, saddle and stem. Smallish frame but comfortable ride.
  12. Proto2000

    Jamis Dakar

    Not a boutique bike but mostly original and well preserved. Deore parts mostly. Odd color combination too, no pink like a lot that were made then. Saddle is funky I know but was what I had when I got the bike, original was toast.
  13. Proto2000

    1988 Salsa Ala Carte

    Another frame/fork I had forever. Did a quick paint job with what I thought was going to be Plum color but turned out lighter than I wanted, paint was costly so it is going to stay this color. All period correct less the wheels which I have a set of Bullseyes but wrong axle, 130mm and no 135mm...
  14. Proto2000


    A bike that needed some upgrades. Had this for a while but was 50/50 on parts around the bike. Some XT, some XTR and some low end stuff. All M900 now and a nasty sounding Ringle hub in the rear, front matching. I do have the original Halson for the bike but it needs a rebuild so the Mag is in...
  15. Proto2000

    Fisher Competition TET stamp

    This is a frame/fork I acquired a long time ago. Was in NY of all places. Owner carried a chain on the top tube and hung down to the seat tube so most of the paint was gone but no dents, so I recently repainted and robbed a 1985 Pro Caliper to finish. I hope I did it justice. Those are the...
  16. Proto2000

    WTB Ti Phoenix

    This one was a mess when I got it a few years ago. I think I did it right with what I took away and replaced. Yes, those are way hard to find Sweet Wings cranks, new bearings installed. Fork was a Judy, LOL, swapped for a rigid but has the disc option. Maybe cut off? XTR mostly around the bike...
  17. Proto2000

    American Breezer

    Sorry for getting so many bikes on but I think the appreciation will be felt later when a person needs photos. I don't show my bikes or post so this is a first for me. This is a great example of an American Breezer from 1988 or so. All original less the tires. Was a purchase over 25 years ago...
  18. Proto2000

    RM Summit

    This one landed in my lap from a CL post locally. It was perfect and a low number of these were ever made so I think it was a steal for under 500 USD. I have done nothing to the bike, as is when I bought it a few months ago. Owner said a person from Germany wanted it but like all CL folks, don't...
  19. Proto2000

    Serotta Colorado Legend AT

    This one will be hard to nail. Hint is that its a road bike company who made some early MTB's. This is a first year model from them.
  20. Proto2000

    Paramount 90 PDG

    Was gonna hold bikes 2 days between but decided to go 1 a day. Sneak preview of tomorrows bike. Any guesses?