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    Kona: change of ownership

    Lots of interesting comments on Pinkbike.
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    Nice wheel.. if it was in Canada I'd be all over it. Would go well with my current XC717 rear.
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    There is a Rockhopper under there, honest guv

    Hey Richard, Nice build! When you say, Wheels: Rims were OK-ish especially for the price, but needed a fair bit of work to get them in shape. Is it the truing that needed the extra work? I'm looking for a nice set of 26" wheels, the ones you used look a lot like the Mavic XC717s I have on...
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    1996 Kona Hei Hei - The First King Kahuna

    Hella sweet bar. I have the same, plus a Ti Kona seatpost.
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    Help Identify Mid 90's Rocky Mountain Frame

    It's definitely not a 98 Blizzard as it doesn't mounting holes for the anti-chain suck device under the chainstays.
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    Seller of retro marzocchi decals

    I bought Bomber Z2 decals from Gil @ RetroDecals. If he doesn't have them he can design them for you but it'll cost more.
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    Wanted Xtr outer cable.

    Legit curiousity.. what's the difference between XTR cable and non-xtr cable? i recently came across a bike with Shimano outer grey cable - is this the fabled unicorn XTR outer? Is there any difference in the inner sheathing?
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    White Konas, where did they all go?

    Mine just went to it's new owner.. 1995 Kilauea.
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    Kona Titanium Frame Serial Numbers - List on Page 9:

    Thanks for your hard work maintaining this thread, Pip. I'm not sure if this is the right thread for general Hei Hei discussion, but I thought I'd throw this in here. I was curious about the weight differences, if any, between a full 3-2 titanium Hei Hei and a HHKK with a 3-2 front and 6-4...
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    Kona Humuhumu stars and bars, tell me all you know about it.

    Dayum, that's a nice pick up. If that's really a P2 Ti fork.. ;) It would look really nice holding up the front end on my Hei Hei.
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    '92 Explosif - Modified. Unpure.

    Nice build! Would you mind measuring the radius of your 27.5 wheel/tyre setup? I'd like to see if i can do this on my frame, but the chain stay bridge distance worries me.
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    Polishing up a neglected previously polished alloy frame for lazy people

    I've got a random orbit polisher I used for my car.. but the pads are probably not abrasive enough...
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    The unicorn bike paradox

    Yeah.. that's exactly it. My unicorn was a '95 Kona Hei Hei Titanium, so I went n+1. Life is good, I'm in a happy place. I'm done. Then I did some research and found out here from @Pipmeister and @Mortonm that there was a '96 Hei Hei King Kahuna with different tubing... Now, I'm done, but...
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    1996 Kona Hei Hei - The First King Kahuna

    Looks fantastic. I want need this.
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    Wanted Gary fisher large or xl Now Sorted thanks

    I have a '98 Mt Tam, XL but it might be a tad expensive shipping it out to your side of the pond..
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    Wanted Syncros titanium seatpost 27.0

    A Ti seatpost for a Hei Hei is a very nice piece of kit.. great match if you also have a Ti Race Lite bar! Good luck finding one!
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    1999 Kona Hei Hei... 98 Oem+ Rebuild.. Update 02/10/21

    How are you liking the P2's on the Hei Hei? Wondering if I would be doing a disservice to such an awesome frame by putting a rigid fork on it, and also if my old man stiff bones would be able to handle a jarring ride..
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    ** Show us your Modern/retro Kona **

    Wow, that's nice. I'm on the hunt for an M970 wheelset myself.. bought a front hub without questioning the seller enough and it showed up as a centerlock M975 front hub.. Here's my 95 HH running an XTR M970 brakeset and a modern 1x11 XT M8000.
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    1996 Kona Hei Hei - The First King Kahuna

    Nice.. orange would go well with that. I'd love to get a Z2 in orange - my fav colour, where'd you find it? I went with a purple chainring, my daughter's favorite colour.
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    1995 Kona Hei Hei

    Thanks! :) Yah I did that on the Kilauea for a while using it as a winter bike, and I stupidly used electrical tape instead of zipties to secure it to the frame.. I don't really like the look of zipties or electrical tape. Pipmeister showed me about using a light clamp with a threaded stop -...