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    1991 Team Fat Chance, Yo Eddy project - completed

    Hello one and all Please see here my ‘dream come true’ build. Acquired the frame and fork 8 months ago and following a lot of time and effort on the parts collection - along with a long wait in the queue (4 months) for paint ….it’s finally here… Pictures below. Link to the finished walk around...
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    Hey all If anyone has a hub as described (with logo still intact) and they wish to part with it (would consider a built up wheel if need be) then Im your man! Thanks Daniel
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    Syncros Cattleprod Stem

    Hi...desperately looking for a 1”, black Syncros cattleprod stem (the early version obvs 8) ) Any condition length or rise considered at this point. Thanks!!!
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    1991 Marin Eldridge Grade

    This very original 1991 Marin came into the workshop directly from its previous life in Bosnia. After much delay due to shipping restrictions and COVID across Europe this gift from the East arrived just before Christmas and has since undergone a light refurb and small upgrades here and there but...
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    Pace RC30 crown shim

    anyone here wanting to sell a 1 1/4" > 1" shim for a Pace RC30 fork crown? Thanks for any help Daniel
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    1991 Alpinestars Al-Mega DX

    Another build from the lockdown.. Started from a frame...and then sourced the rest... Frame: Alpinestars Almega DX Fork: Manitou 1 Headset: Alpinestars 1 1/4 Stem: Answer A Tac Handlebar: Answer Taperlite Grips: ODI attack Brakes: Shimano DX M650 Brake Pads: Shimano DX M650 Brake Cables...
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    PACE RC200 F3, 1994

    Hello RB fans... Please me to introduce this PACE build thats been taking up my life for the last few months. Bought from a good home but in dire need of almost everything. Short tour of the completed bike here: Details 1994 PACE RC200 F3 Frame...
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    Orange Prestige 1990

    Hi all... Im a newbie but taking the time to introduce my self via this Orange Prestige I recently purchased and I am now in the process of 'refurbishing'. Its a 1990 frame, I bought it from the original owner who bought it back in the day from Stif in Leeds. Usual stuff specced but nice...
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    Orange Clockwork 19" wanted - desperately

    Hi all Im new here but don't let that put you off. Im looking to buy an Orange Clockwork, 89-93 early years, orange and white fade preferably, 19" frame. Frame and Fork or full bike..... I owned and raced one for many years back when .....and its time to get one back in my life. Will consider...