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    Old frame restoration

    I see a few guys on here sending frames off for a refurb....that's unfortunately way too costly for me, so I'm looking at doing this myself. I'm not bad with a gun so I think the finish will be good enough, but it's all in the prep! So, anyone have any good tips for getting an aluminium frame...
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    And so it begins...again - the Fire Mountain weight Loss project

    For about the eleventy-millionth time I am going back to my Kona Fire Mountain. Old thread Since this old thread stopped being updated I've been "riding" a Merlin Malt3 with Rock Shox Reba WC Carbon, and all the other bits off of the Kona. I've now sold the forks and the frame so I'm building...
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    On One carbon rigids 26er

    Hey all, Carbon legs, alloy dropouts, really fantastic condition if I'm honest. 185mm 1 1/8" threadless, star nut and race included. For more pics see link in my sig. £90 posted via Hermes, £85 collection from Northampton NN2. Ta, Oli
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    Kona Fire Mountain Shock Frame -White no decals

    Hi all, Cromo frame, late 90s, originally blue but repainted by me in white, see my sig for more pics. Top tube centre centre 555mm Down tube centre centre 405mm(16") Down tube centre top 485mm(19") Headtube 130mm Will come with: Cane Creek threadless headset 1 1/8" no crown race or star...
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    Switch On+ Roadie

    Hey guys, Have just purchased a Switch On+ road frameset and there isn't a lot of info on them anywhere. Even their website is down! I should probably have looked before I bought but a full carbon set up for £130 was too good to let go! They're an Italian company based in Malta I think! Can...
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    Giant Hyde Park ladies hybrid - what price?

    Hey all, A friend of mine is looking to sell her unused Giant Hyde Park hybrid but I really can't judge the value of it. There's a Gumtree ad for one at £120 but to me that seems a bit optimistic. Any thoughts?
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    Lightweight 19", 20" frame

    1 1/8", vee and disc if poss. Maybe with forks? Good condition. 68mm BB prefered. Up to £100 delivered. What ya got people? Can do a swap on my repainted 17" Kona fire mountain if you wanted? Oli
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    modern-ish cromo MTB forks £30 posted is the budget!

    what have you got guys and girls? needs at least 190mm steerer and to be for a 26" wheel. if i had to make a preference i'd want gloss black with either disc only or disc/vee fittings. be looking to spend around £30 delivered to Northampton but am ok to move a little on this for the right...
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    Marzocchi Bomber rebuild/replace internals?

    ive got these (if the link works) The preload doesnt work and they're really soft. is anyone in the know on how to fix these or if they can be fixed? maybe if there is another fork that i can salvage parts from as they are one of my favourite forks! Cheers, Oli
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    Paul's Cantis ... 1123802205
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    well spec'd good condition hard tail wanted.....Max 18"

    Hi all, My mate's after something to get fit on. All the retro stuff I've shown him he's kind of baulked at. Having said that it might just not have been what he thought he wanted. So, he missed out on a really nice matt black kona, full of XT and xtr and that annoyed me as it took ages to...
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    Thinking about taking up trialling....what's good?

    Hey all, Thinking about taking up tricks and trials again, I used to be into it when I was but a nipper. I don't know what's out there though bike-wise. I'm 6'4" and don't have stacks of cash but I think I'm after something fun, single speed, rigid, solid. What's out there, new or old, for...
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    marshole82's feedback thread

    Well why not eh? I'm not on here loads but would be nice to get some ego-boosting by being a nice chap
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    Various bits - stems, bar, saddle, wheels

    Alright everybodypeeps! Got a few bits for sale, prices include UK p&p, first come first served! Club roost stem, I believe its around 120mm but am not sure how to measure it lol! Silver, 1 1/8", 25.4mm clamp, 4-bolt face plate. £no longer for sale DMR wingbars, riser bar in anodised black...
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    Leightweight 1 1/8" stem?

    I've been a bit of a plum and bought a new bar with a 25.4 clamp and a stem with a 31.8 clamp. I know, idiot. Stem is a white easton ea90 100mm 0degree, bar is 560mm easton ea50 3degree sweep. Weigh 280g together! So I have 3 options: Does someone have a flat bar weighing at 150g or less for...
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    Kona Fire Mountain Shock...recent rebuild and paint!

    Right then, I've been mooching about on here for a while been don't really post much. Truth be told I'm not huge on retro stuff, I just like bikes and building them! Must admit, I like my old Kona though :-) So I built up a DMR, which at 15", and me at 6'4", was a bit small. So I did a swap...
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    Square Taper BB - a light one please!

    hi all, been a long time since i've been into my bikes but after a long 50 mile treck recently i've decided i need to shed some weight! so, i currently have a un52 BB (WW show as >300g) and i'm after a lighter one, preferably <200g. Something like a hope ti or fsa ultralite....or anything...
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    disc only p2's, gold qr wheel skewers wanted please!

    Hello, Looking for some p2s for my 97 kona, I'd like disc only forks if possible, at least 200mm steered and preferably black, but I can move on color for the right price. As long as they aren't too long, I.e. 465mm crown to axle. I believe I need either a 410 from original geometry, or...
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    90s kona fire mountain please!

    Hey all, Bought the above frame about 2 years ago, not sure on year, its blue cromo, canti/v only. I've been running some 2000 bomber z3 100mm forks but I'm looking to do more commuting so want to go rigid. As far as I can tell forks are available in 425mm, 445mm and 465mm length (crown to...
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    14" hardtail for my missus

    hey all, after a 14" (16" max i reckon) mountain/dirt bike for my 5'3" missus. decent condition, rigid or front sus will be considered. drop me a line with what you have and what you want for it and we'll see if we can deal. thanks people, oli