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  1. Darcus

    Overburys Pioneer E Stay cable routing mystery help!

    It came to me like this unbuilt..... I thought the frame would require a top pull front mech and then I saw the dumb bell braze ons and figured that if a cable comes over the top tube down the seat tube through one dumbbell and through a cable outer with ferrules then back up the second dumbbell...
  2. Darcus

    Wanted Looking for Suntour or Diacompe brake levers

    Hiya, looking for Suntour XC or Diacompe levers, late 80s or early 90s era. What have you got?? Churz
  3. Darcus

    Very old bullmoosed 80's bear trap pedals gas pipe 'gate'

    Saw it a few weeks ago, looks interesting, basic and a bit tired
  4. Darcus

    Small Overpricedburys Pioneer

    Not mine! apparently 'hardly used' You'd think they would would bother to get it down off the wall for £600 tho. Maybe the 'hardly used' shed is part fo the deal?
  5. Darcus

    Wanted WANTED! Roller Cam or U brakes (Rear Only)

    I came across a lovely Overbury's Pioneer E stay frame (mentioned on here somewhere), and amazingly Mr Ox has some matching forks which I'll get sent to me at some point, but what I don't have are U or Roller Cam brakes. I think I'd prefer RC's as they in my opinion will look very very cool and...
  6. Darcus

    Wanted 1" One Inch threaded fork wanted

    Forks needed with a steerer of at least 150mm, happy to cut it down and re thread, something nice ash Columbus/531/501/chromo all offerings considered! THANKS
  7. Darcus

    Wanted Nice quality 1" threaded fork needed Overburys/531/Columbus or others considered

    Looking for threaded fork with a 1" steerer for an Overburys E-Stay frame as mentioned in a recent discussion thread. Needs to have a steerer of 150cm minimum, it's not a massive frame. Cheers
  8. Darcus

    Ovetburys Pioneer E - Stay (that needs forks) any info anyone?

    Hello again, being based in Bristol, every now and then an Overburys comes my way, often not for years and then all of a sudden there's a few on the radar. I was offered this E Stay frame recently and I think I might build it as I have a lot of components lying around to complete it. I really...
  9. Darcus

    Wanted Hope mini / 6mm hose wanted!

    Hello, I'm looking for Hope Mini 6mm hose at least 1500mm in length, if anyone can help? will also consider newer 5mm with connectors Thanks!
  10. Darcus

    Looking for Hope Mini 6mm hose WANTED

    Hello, I'm looking for Hope Mini 6mm hose at least 1500mm in length, if anyone can help? Thanks!
  11. Darcus

    Mystery weston super mare bargain!

  12. Darcus

    'Ovalburys' as we say down Brissol
  13. Darcus

    Mer mer mer mer MERCIAN!!

  14. Darcus

    Cheap old Saracen gate from grandad's garage

    Not mine but.............
  15. Darcus

    For Sale XT hub wheels Galli rims /project £30 collected £37 posted

    They were a matching pair until last year an exploding tyre forced the rear to buckle....yes weird and tinnitus inducing too! The rear rim really is toast but it dose'nt look it in the images. Both hubs are good, front could benefit from a service/re grease. Rims are black hard anodised with a...
  16. Darcus

    Saracen Conquest Gate!!

    Not mine but spotted today:
  17. Darcus

    Wanted Six speed screw on hub wanted

    Trying to keep an Overbury's Cross Fell going with its M700 groupset so I need a screw on 6 speed for its lovely sealed shimano high flange hubs, looking for a Suntour perfect or similar. THANKS
  18. Darcus

    Overbury's paint / RAL codes for a metallic grey Crossfell

    HELLO! Anyone know where I can get Overbury's paint codes from PLEASE!!?? Thanks. It's the metallic grey that they used. Thanks!
  19. Darcus

    Shimano M700 AKA / Overbury's Crossfell / Deerhead headset tool I need one?? can I improvise?

    So I've just acquired this original Overbuys Crossfell with the said headset on it, and would like to service it.....question is though how to I undo it with what looks like a special tool? Anyone done this before? Any tips gladly received! Thanks
  20. Darcus

    How old is my massive Overburys Pioneer please?

    Hiya, I recently acquired this massive beauty! can you tell me more about it? the former owner who gave it to the person whom I bought it from said it was custom made and I have to's BIG so he could be right! The frame is stamped 9019 front facing on the l/h side of the BB CHEERS...